MARILYN ANONA writes: Someone was obviously insomniac, bored or idle and decided to spread false news around toiling with the minds, psych and emotions of people.


So I woke up to 41 missed calls, over 200 blackberry messenger broadcasts, several text messages, watsapp messages etc. On seeing my phone, I was shocked! Yes its not my birthday, my birthday is more than a week away. I started opening the blackberry messenger (BBM) messages and they were all similar messages warning me to take my bath today with salt and hot water (not even warm water)… Hot water! Odikwa egwu! The messages didn’t even stop at that, they further said I should do that before 6am (laughs out loud) and we should also drink the salt water and I woke up at 8am. The messages didn’t stop there, I was also made to understand that EBOLA is now in the air.

I managed to kneel down and said a very short but heartfelt prayer. Rebuking the nasty VIRAL disease called Ebola and committing the nation into the hands of the almighty. After my prayers, I decided to ask some of the people who broadcasted those messages the source of the information. I was greatly alarmed when 5 I asked said they do not know. I asked, why send something you don’t even know the source or origin? How laughable! How pathetic! How gullible! How destructive! How ignorant! Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. As much as I know, Ebola virus has not been confirmed to be airborne.

Someone was obviously insomniac, bored or idle and decided to spread false news around toiling with the minds, psych and emotions of people who are too lazy to read, listen and research. “Taking our bath with salt and HOT water before 6am” prevents Ebola? Seriously?

The people who hurriedly started sending these messages didn’t ask:
1. Why must it be before 6am.
2. Is salt Anti Viral? If it is, then we should naturally be immune to Ebola because our sweat is naturally Salty. 3. Why HOT water?
4. What’s the source of this information?
Most didn’t ask and started bathing with salt water! So I finally got 1 person who claims that a “MAN OF GOD” gave the direction at an all night service. Another said its a “prophesy” from another “MAN OF GOD” and then one Adesuwa emerges with a story that appears rather too incoherent to say she started the rumour and she is feeling bad now and confessing so that we all forgive her (I personally think someone wants to be popular). How pathetic! Such people should be arrested. A lot of people were in panic already.

The “FAST GUYS” as we call them would have gone to buy bags and bags of salt. Phone calls would have gone round and a parent’s blood pressure would have gone so high because their ward didn’t pick their call and they could not pass the information. A patient of High blood pressure may have taken a glass or two of concentrated salt water out of panic, forgetting that they are not supposed to take salt. People panicked because of this destructive rumour. Why should a sane human being decide to spread this type of rumour at a time like this? This is the height of insensitivity. We should all start looking out for such people amongst us because they are the actual killers. Lots of people actually die out of panic brought by rumours and false alarm on daily basis. What do you gain saying EBOLA is in Imo, plateau, Abuja, Osun when it is not.

We should all tread carefully and not make matters worse. We should all try to use our gadgets (phones, laptops, ipads etc) for meaningful things apart from irrelevant chats, gossips and all. We all know the safety precautions so we should adhere strictly by them. We will do our own part and leave the rest to GOD.
GOD bless us all and GOD help Nigeria to combat this nasty VIRUS. You all have a blessed Friday. Be Vigilant! Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!



  1. We are living in a country where many citizens still believe that a man infected with HIV can sleep with a virgin and b cured of it,I am not surprised that anyone can spread an idea that bathing with hot and salt water can actually kill a virus…*SMH* may God help us all.

  2. ℓ̊ was awoke by 4am with a call ² have ♍‎​Ɣ bathe b4 5am with salt, in ♍‎​Ɣ sleepy state ℓ̊ asked wich source did U̶̲̥̅̊ hear it from Äπϑ †нε pesin tels ♍ε‎​ a seer or a pst in †нε east prophesied. ℓ̊ had ² tame †нε anger swelling up in ♍ε‎​. How can S̶̲̥̅ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡-called graduate be †нα† gullible Äπϑ guick ² disregard †нε 1 thing we all share in common (common sense) Ȋ̝̊̅†̥’s giving freely Äπϑ yet many pple don’t use ders.

  3. Sometimes we are just too lazy to think, are we to continue bathing with salt and water, all thé days of Ebola? People should learn to think.

  4. Oma luv i was woken by same calls and later lots of BC’s, and to make the matter worst it all started when i was about to finally sleep off and they succeeded in taking the sleep away!…I was so ashamed at some so called educated pals and some science university students!…One final year Microbiology even sent me a ping and my first question to her was “are u really an MCB student?…She said she is and i asked her again “since when did Ebola virus become airborne?…It pains me that people love to hear bad news…they love to carry around bad news than good ones…I was very mad at some of ma pals today and i had to warn them not to call me again….Its a pity how gullible people can be…its pathetic how some educated lads acts so dumb and shallow….How can someone so educated be so so illiterate?…I knew it was one idle silly stupid person that decided to make fun with something very serious without reasoning the damage it could do to people cause there is a scare of the disease already…My dear our people need education,knowledge, enlightenment and common sense because even though it is called common but it is not common…i think what we should be scared of is illiteracy,ignorance and arrogance and not some ailment that has been existing and had a clear understanding….let us not be fast to spread unconfirmed rumors..lets us not increase the threat by giving false information,it will do more harm than good…the internet is for research and education and not a medium to spread cheap lies….May God give us all understanding and do have a stress free weekend!

    • Too lazy to think. That’s our problem. Even my small brother asked, but why are we using salt to bath? Its meant for food. But we adults didn’t ask. Mental slavery and blindness.

  5. odikwa egwu ooooo!! i heard the news.. i wonder why people love doing expensive joke. And don’t be surprise that they may have recorded victims of salt and hot water.

    Omam thanks for putting up this information. God bless u my dear.

  6. am sure that girl is being bribe and she must be workin with devil,becus she can just be playin with friends and it came that spread in th country

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