Unemployment is the biggest issue in Nigeria right now… These fraudulent people should not compound it by duping job seekers!


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Its bad enough that the unemployment situation in Nigeria is very alarming, but duping people simply because they are in dire need of jobs and desperate to work is the height of wickedness and I suggest people who perpetrate such wickedness should be severely punished by the law. We hear stories of people paying as much as 500 thousand naira to secure jobs in a government agency or parastatal. Some are lucky and get employed while majority are duped. Yeah, I think I just heard some people blaming the person who paid for a job and was duped. I agree that the person has to share the blame but to me the man or woman who has the heart to dupe a job seeker is the devil here. In fact some people now have it as their own job to dupe job seekers. They sometimes put up a false job…

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