Doris Nwaebo is a young Nigerian woman with a distinct and unique sense of style and fashion. That explains why she ventured into FASHION having studied Law in the United Kingdom.

doris 2
Doris is a native of Agbor, Delta State, Southern Nigeria.
When asked why she left law practice for Fashion…. She explained that, that’s where her passion and natural interest lies. she intends to take fashion to an enviable height and to majorly promote NIGERIAN AND AFRICAN FABRICS, DESIGNS AND STYLES.

When asked what Fashion means to her… she said fashion is mainly to cover our naked body and protect us from the harsh weather but it goes beyond that. Fashion is also to express ourselves without having to talk through styles and colour choices.


Her taste when it comes to colour and style is classy and timeless. she isnt much concerned about trend.
She advised the youths to search within them in order to discover what they are naturally good at. She said that SELF DISCOVERY leads to fulfillment and success in life.

Doris currently lives in LAGOS and ASABA… distance is not a barrier. You can benefit from her talent and expertise from anywhere in Nigeria.
contact her on FACEBOOK today.



  1. I dispute her defination of fashion which says fashion is to cover our naked bodies and protect us from harsh weather!
    Her display picture number one will roast her body, while display picture number two has an opening to her sizeable tommy, the third one I am not sure if there is even a hand attached to it! #Lol pensive

    • Thanks much Tabitha for your contribution. I do not see anything wrong with the way she is dressed. Dressing is to cover our naked body and she is covered. In. Our core African culture, the brides (unmarried ladies) wear something that is almost like a tube and then a small skirt with beads on their waist! And their stomach showing. Even the married ones tie wrappers with their shoulders bare. Will you describe them as naked? I appreciate your criticism dear Tabitha and I respect the fact that everyone is entitled to their opinion. GOD bless you dear.

  2. Nice one oma…but the pictures are not so bad as Tabitha has stated…..i love the 3rd picture and her jacket in the second pix is also very lovely. I love that she has that passion to be fashion and designer….

    • Thanks Zyzy. Your comment is well appreciated. And yes, we all should discover ourselves. It leads to a more fulfilled life and will enable us fully utilize our GOD given talent. GOD bless you.

  3. Hmmmmmmmm! Fashion o fashion! The rave of the moment, yet an ancient tradition! Just that the twist in our generation leaves much to be desired! Doris is fine, but am more comfortable with Oma’s sense of style and fashion! #Candidopiniondevoidofsentiment#

    • Thanks Kaycee for your near consistent contribution. We all have preference and thanks for acknowledging mine but everyone must not dress alike. Our amiable personality here is flexible with her style too. Thanks dear Kaycee and GOD bless you.

  4. I love and value creativity ,Doris seems to be one of those fashion designers that can actually make a good haut couture for her clients , the few pictures above depicts a sassy and trendy choice of fahion I love them

    @ Tabitha I get your point.hehe , you must be very observant , but however it all goes down to the stereoscopic and relative view of a thing ,or maybe there is a contradiction or misunderstanding somewhere . To me she is Nice

    • Thanks much Enekem. Creativity is sure with DENMODE… She is fast growing to become one of the best in Nigeria. Its really a big deal to venture into another field having spent ample time and money studying. This goes to say that instead of folding our arms waiting for already made jobs, we should all look within and discover our real selves. Thanks again Enekem. GOD bless you.

  5. Thanks tabitha for your pensive state. ‘My’ definition of fashion is not ‘the’ definition for others to accept, fashion means different things to different people. As for my size able tommy, well if a 26.5 inch waist equates to a size able tommy, I gladly accept! Thanks to zyzy for the compliment and thanks Posh!

    • Thanks Bar. Doris. Please endeavour to inspire the youths through what you anywhere you find yourself. We need more people like you who in this country. Remain Blessed.

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