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INDECENT DRESSING: A decent dressing, of course, is part of human life, because it elicits respect and protects the person’s dignity. While the antonym which is indecent dressing is a social malady that ridicules the person and is likely to shock or irritate people. It exposes parts of the body, usually sexual organs, which normally should be covered. Decent dressing by students/ working class/ celebrities etc attracts respect from lecturers, guards, classmates, boss, colleagues, fans etc and most importantly can go a long way to protect you from being the target of rape, sexual harrassment and scandal. Indecent dressing has adverse effect on a person; it brings hatred, disrespect from people. Good dressing is good business. For example, most victims of rape on campus are indecent dressers, they are seductive. This habit is traceable to all age groups in the society, but common among the youth. In Nigeria, most…

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  1. my lovely friend Omam thatz wonderful and well articulated write up!! ur reasons were well marshaled out . i love it.. nne keep the spirit alive.

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