MARILYN ANONA writes : Most times, the dirty fellow doesn’t even know he or she is dirty and the tidy one usually comes across as irritable, intolerant or as a perfectionist.

Phew! Having to cope with someone who is untidy or dirty is one of the hardest things in life for me. I am the type of person who is very tidy and organized. I do not repeat my clothes… We live in the tropics so we often perspire and have dusts around which to me is enough reason not to repeat your clothes. Most people use the public cabs or even buses… You use the public toilets while you are away from home too and for me, this is a bigger reason for you not to repeat your clothes. Sweating and passing through dusty places means that we have to always wash our bodies (bath). And in washing our bodies, we should use good soap and of course sponge. I have realized that most people do not use sponge while washing their bodies. No sponge, no bath gloves, no exforliant… My goodness! How does that body get clean? Yes, I am asking because I know that its almost impossible for your body to get clean without sponge especially when you don’t use sponge at all. If you tell me that you use sponge say twice or thrice in a week, I may understand or pardon you but not using sponge at all? You are a dirty fellow no apologies. Again, how does a normal person use a bath towel for weeks, 1month, 2months without washing the towel? Why should a woman wear panties twice? I mean wear, pull keep and wear the next day and when asked she would say “I didn’t wear for long yesterday” Its really sad and gross. The height of irritation. I could go on and on! My question this morning is, “HOW DOES A NEAT AND VERY TIDY PERSON LIVE WITH AN UNTIDY/ DIRTY PERSON?” I am asking because living together with this untidy/dirty person can give birth to a lot of problems. This is because most times, the dirty fellow doesn’t even know he or she is dirty and the tidy one usually comes across as irritable, intolerant or as a perfectionist. Remember this dirty or untidy fellow may be your HUSBAND, WIFE, GIRL FRIEND, BOY FRIEND, SIBLING, FRIEND, NEIGHBOUR, ROOM MATE etc. And this is very complicated though it looks simple on the surface. Its not something that can be ignored. How do you cope? I need your contributions! Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!



  1. Hmmmmmmmm! Not using sponge at all? It’s tough oh. Repeat underwear? And reason is ‘I didn’t wear for long yesterday’? People should kno, in those instances at least that they are not being hygienic Nahhh. Haba. Don’t even know what to say now.

  2. If a tidy person’s comes across an untidy person, he or she should be educated on the disadvantages because belife me people like that think is a normal norm…

  3. Untidiness could be a result of stress or unhappiness, Try and find out if there is a reason behind your roommate’s untidiness. He/she should be educated.

  4. My dear thanks for this topic but in some cases u find out that it depends on how and where some people grew up,meanwhile we have to try our best to correct them .

  5. To cope with a dirty person is not an easy thing,accepted. If it is someone u cannot disengage your self from you rather educate them on the importance of cleaniness,always discuss of cleaniness with the person,the implication of being dirty and the benefits of cleaniness. When you correct them do not emphazize strictly on it instead do that in a mild way to avoid misunderstanding or misconception of the whole issue. Ensure you set good examples while correcting them and definitely they may come to reason with you and appreciate you.

  6. Really hard to cope, I must say. I advise you influence them with your dressing without speaking much. Your attitude and personality can make them when they see how you relate on issues of concern and interest.

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