AUGUSTUS C J CHIJIOKE writes: Delivery room Versus Labour room.

Nigerian nurses/ nursing students need serious “reformation” especially midwifery students.

FOREIGN NURSES VS NIGERIAN NURSES: If you witness where a woman is giving birth abroad, even as a man you will feel like getting pregnant. Abroad, for only one woman in labour, you will see an Obstetrician, A Gynecologist, A General Surgeon, A Specialist Surgeon, An Anesthetist, A Registered Nurse /Midwife/ plus Social Welfare Officer and so on–and they will pamper the woman in labour… that is why it is called “DELIVERY ROOM” over there”.

But in Nigeria it is called “LABOUR ROOM” and if you see what women pass through, hmmm!! You will agree with me that it should also be called “Confession and Trial Room”; Nigerian nurses make pregnancy look like a criminal offence. And the worse thing is that they are everywhere both in private and government hospitals. For Instance, when a woman who is in labour is brought to the hospital, they will throw her into the labour room and lock her up like a criminal awaiting for trial and they will go to the reception room and be gossiping or go into the Dr’s office and be chatting until the woman will start bleating like goat “kpaa-kpaa-kpaa.” And when the nurse(s) enters the labour room to meet her, is not help her but to insult her: “You will be hearing things like “Na me do you?” “Even the man wey do u no dey here!” “Madam push oo!” “Abeg open your legs joor!” “Abi you wan kill your pikin?” “You better push now or I go leave you here oo!”

TRUE OR FALSE? Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!



  1. =)) am a living witness had my 1st child in Uk and 2nd in fed staff hospital abuja so funny the diff is crazy. When I entered the so called labour room my labour ceased seeing countless naked women screaming OMG. In the UK I was all alone in a beautiful VIP delivery room without paying a dine my tax covers my health insurance

  2. U are very right,that’s why I hate government hospitals,no compassion for human being at all,private is still better in that aspect cos they know u are paying so much so they wouldn’t want to spoil their chances of u not coming back to their hospital.

  3. Lol. Delivery room is where I would like to have my babies sha. Labour wards, we hear of all sorts…. Is it a crime to want to give birth in your country? Were these people forced to do their jobs? It’s worrying sha. People might just start thinking of home births if they continue like that.

  4. This is so true ma’am & one of the major reasons why it is so in this part of the world unlike the western world,its because most Nigerians work for money & not because of the passion they have for their jobs,so they don’t care about you when they’re rendering you their services,unless off course you’re paying more(like in the private sectors) or extra,then you’ll be pampered or maybe you’re bribing them(when it comes to the so-called uniform men,so if you’re willing or ready to do any of the above,then you can be giving a fair treatment,but if not,they’ll do whatever they like as long as they get paid at the end of the day by the government,take for instance,even our security sector does the same thing when rendering or carrying out their legitimate duties to the society that they swore to protect….hmmm,nearly all of them do it for a living & not for a giving where compassion & sacrifies is greatly involved!

  5. Hahahahahahahahaha! Bigsis u won’t kill me o, this your blog na die #ROTFL. Its true sha, they need serious reformation

  6. There was a day I went to a hospital in okene, a woman was on labour and she was screaming, the matron on duty was like ” abeg abeg, stop shouting here, ure disturbing, y are u shouting like dat” I walked up to her and told her boldly “it’s unfair, are u not a mother too, maybe u screamed the whole house sef wen u wanted to deliver. As a nurse u should pet and encourage her instead of shouting @ d poor woman” She was like “Ehn me I’m trying to teach her her job” I told her “yes I will teach her cos what she is doing is bad, it is against the ethics of ur profession to shout @ patients.”. She didn’t say anytin again, most Nigerian practitioners are very crude to their patients which is bad.

  7. Lols. They even make d whole thing look like a herculean task o. Sumtimes when I hear stories about naija labour room ehn.#I fear o#

  8. I think the ministry of health in collaboration with all the states medical sectors and nursing boards has to do something about the “i care less” attitude of most Nigerian nurses. They have to review their guides and impose serious penalty on anyone that was found wanting. Even if revoking someone ‘s certificate it will push them to behave and act professional..

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