why is it that most people are always seeking wealth?
They will push themselves to the limit and disregard their health
Money can’t buy true happiness,
It’s more of a burden than a prize
Yet many people are obsessed with it,
But at what price?

How many houses can you live in at once?
How many cars can you drive at once?
how many gold necklaces can you wear around your neck at once?
Can your wealth keep you alive?
How many credit cards and bank accounts do you really need?
As humans we are great consumers and highly insatiable…
And we have a condition known as greed!

It’s funny how there are some people who don’t have a lot of money…
Yet they live lives of happiness, is it their destiny or is it luck?
It’s funny how those people who can barely get by
Learn to live on less and happily survive!

Yes, we all like to be rich and not have to look at the price
whenever we want to buy something, but What are you willing to sacrifice?
When it comes down to the truth, you have to decide what is your measure?
Is it health or is it wealth? what do you treasure?
In sickness and in health…
In poverty and in wealth!

You can have all the money in this world and still have a fatal disease.
You can live in a mud house with your few possessions and be pleased.
You can have that great big house in the best part of town
but if you are laid out on your back, where is the good in it to be found?

Money and wealth are sometimes tools
to take people away from God and make them act like fools.
Many will lie, some will steal and others will kill for wealth
But what good is all the money in the world
if you don’t have your health? Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!



  1. I agree with u to an extent,but money is so important in the life of man that without it life is as good as not living it.everybody must face health challenge at some point but is better when u face health challenges u have money to take care of it.

  2. Hmmmmmm! This is prophetic! Thanks Oma for this charge to return to order, because the pursuit of wealth has left most people with indelible injuries on their health! Wealth without health is tasteless, its like eating okro soup without salt! Truly, health is not only wealth, health is life! Enjoy it while it last!!!

  3. Hmmmmmm! All the monies in this world cannot buy health! If it can, most top shots you know, with all their monies would ‘ve preserved their lives! Infact it is better to stay healthy than to believe God for healing, because fear, doubt and anxiety will not allow you to exercise faith for healing! May God preserve us from evil!

  4. Lovely lovely write-up. “Health is Wealth”. until we start disregarding pleasures and regarding treasures(I.e. what is most important to us) then we would understand the deep inclines in the write up.
    keep it up Marilyn.

  5. Money is very much important, but health is most vital because without a good health, all your resources is almost like a waste. So let’s balance both, stay blessed and think wise

  6. Nice write up. Although both health and wealth are of great importance to us all, the idea of wealth distancing us from the creator isn’t entirely true as he has given us the power to create wealth. It is what he that possesses it do with such wealth that can be labelled good or bad and not wealth itself.

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