MARILYN ANONA writes: Believe that your ability no matter how little will yield benefits and see what ever help you get along the way as a bonus (mmezi or jara).

marilyn anona
marilyn anona

We are all used to reading or hearing about STEPS TO TAKE TO BE SUCCESSFUL, TRAITS OF A SUCCESSFUL PERSON, SIGNS THAT YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL etc... We are all certainly used to those topics. And it seems everyone knows them. Yes, we all know the formula for SUCCESS still most of us are not successful. Why is this so? Most of us will quickly say, “its not the right time yet”… I may agree with you but I do not agree that you should be static or stagnant from year to year. No progress at all! Something is amiss! So today I will be saying something different.

I want to talk about the things you should quit doing if you really want to be successful. Yes, you will never attain SUCCESS if you keep doing certain things.
Starting from today, I want you to:

***** QUIT DWELLING ON FAILURES OF THE PAST: Come on dear, who doesn’t have a past and who hasn’t failed? Any man who claims not to have ever failed has not been born. So please stand up and stop wallowing in regrets and self pity. You have today and your tomorrow is dependent on the thoughts and actions of today. Dust yourself up and try again dear.

***** QUIT THE VICTIM MENTALITY: Hehe! Yes I know that life is so unfair and most times, bad things happen to the best people. Yes, I know that and thinking of it makes me want to cry but honey, there is absolutely no gain playing the victim no matter what it is that happened to you. It impedes your progress. You have to stand up, heal and move forward.

***** QUIT THOSE RELATIONSHIPS AND ASSOCIATIONS THAT WANT TO ALTER WHO YOU ARE: Wait a minute! Have you forgotten my favourite quote? You should be conversant with it being an ardent reader of my posts “smiles”. THE HARDEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE STEEL, DIAMOND AND DISCOVERING ONE’s SELF… Yes that’s the quote! Now, Discovering you means your journey to success has just began and so why would you want to start being another person when you have discovered who you are. Believe me, not being you is very detrimental to your life. How do you want to utilize your potentials when you are not living you. Therefore stay away from those sort of relationships/associations that make you fake you.

***** QUIT THAT FEELING THAT PEOPLE OWE YOU SUPPORT. The truth is, no one owes you anything sweetheart… In fact, your parents owe you nothing. Hehe! What’s that frown on your face? But its the truth! Ok what I am just trying to tell you is that once you have this mentality that people must support you or that the world owes you something, you will always be disappointed and I am sure you know what DISAPPOINTMENT does to you. So get rid of that mentality! Believe that your ability no matter how little will yield benefits and see what ever help you get along the way as a bonus (mmezi or jara).

***** QUIT INDULGING IN THOSE THINGS THAT YOU KNOW WITHIN YOU THAT ARE WRONG. Its very detrimental to indulge in things you know that are wrong. Why do something when you know they are not the right things to do? What ever that is wrong pulls you down one way or the other.

***** QUIT TRYING TO BE PERFECT. Something happened on Saturday. I was so shocked at the way the person blurted out, ” yaah! Now I see what you can’t really do good” he went on to say, you are very talented and intelligent but this one area, Nope you are not good and I suggest you get someone to teach you. I felt bad though because I know the judgment was a wrong one and I also know that there was an error with what he was judging me with. I told him, Nope! I am good with this but I didn’t have sufficient tools to do what I should do. But what happened the next 5minutes quickly changed his judgment. He quickly swallowed his words and said, wow! You are really amazing! Wow you are such an excellent …. (Hehe! Fill in the blank spaces). What am I driving at? In his mind, he was always trying to find a flaw. I never told him I was perfect but he maybe assumed me to be. This is just an example. Sometimes some of us try to show the world that we are flawless in hopes that we will be liked and accepted by everyone.  But we can not please everyone, and we should not even try.  The beauty of us lies in our vulnerability, our flaws, our love, our complex emotions, our genuine imperfections.  When we embrace who we are and decide to be genuine, instead of perfect, we open ourselves up to real relationships, real happiness, and real success.  There is no need to put on a mask.  There is no need to pretend to be someone you are not.  You are perfectly imperfect just the way you are.

***** QUIT ALLOWING PEOPLE DECIDE WHAT YOU CAN DO. No one knows you better than you do. Therefore, you alone can tell what your true abilities are. Don’t let what others say of you define you. Because they say you can’t attain a certain height or do something doesn’t mean you can’t.
There are a lot more things to quit doing if you want to attain success. These are just few of them. But with these few, I am saying do not give up on what you have set your heart to do. Do not listen to people who are in the habit of discouraging you. Do not give up simply because you encountered a small hurdle on your path.
Don’t be troubled if you don’t know your capacity just yet. Don’t get so worried if you don’t know what next to do. Live your life the way you should and keep doing what you should and everything will turn out fine. Be innovative and open to positive change. Remember, its your life and you are the driver. So always drive in the right direction.
Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated.



  1. Wonderful write-up from an intelligent fellow, the actual way of measuring your achievements is the number of difficulties you are able to overcome…. discovering you can make it without anybody alone is a step forward, no dream is too esteem…. wake up from your slumber and chase your goals and it shall be well with you….

  2. actually everyone has d ability to be successful but one factor dat has caused a slack nd slow pace of successful persons is d instigations of our colonial masters dat has forced us to sell our labour nd become wage earner rather than being a successful entrepreneur on this country so wen we retire we resume to being a dependent factor as we were while as little children….

  3. More grace and wisdom for what you are doing. I must confess there’s no time I read your post without getting touched. God bless u richly

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