From today, I will discard my social mask, and live true to the promptings of my heart by Dr. Yomi Garnett.

JUST FOR TODAY, I will become like a child, all over again.
As a child, I was in unconscious awareness of my own gifts and talents.
As a child, I was prodigiously creative and uncommonly passionate.
As a child, my imagination transcended all boundaries, and my dreams acknowledged no limits.
As a child, I was full of innocent trust, both in others and in my own faith.
As a child, I ventured forth into the unknown without constraining inhibitions.
As a child, I gave full expression to my authentic essence, without fear of censure.
As a child, a light burned inside of me, and I did not attempt to conceal it.
As a child, I lived completely in the present moment, without a care in the world.
As a child, I savored each gift that came my way, reveling in the beauty of the castles I built in the sand, and the fantasies woven into the fairy tales I heard.
As a child, I saw a world filled with the abundance of limitless possibilities.
And then, disaster struck!
I embarked upon a roller coaster of self-betrayal by adopting the misguided belief patterns of other people.
I abandoned my innocent wisdom for rationalization, judgement and anxiety.
The sentiments of the tribe gradually became my holy grail as I totally lost the personal magnificence that was my own personal charm.
Admittedly, without discipline and wholesome boundaries, I would have gotten lost in a world in bewildering moral flux.
In the process of misplaced guidance, however, the vital permission to live true to myself was withdrawn, and I was not allowed to march to my own beat.
And now, I may go to my grave with the greatest song of my life remaining unsung.
That is why, today, I will become a child all over again.
For, it is only when I live my best, true and authentic life that the spark of individual brilliance that is mine, and mine alone, will burst forth to illuminate my world.
From today, I will discard my social mask, and live true to the promptings of my heart.
I will not live the life of another in order to satisfy the tribal demand.
For, if I do not give full expression to my true self and my own truth, I will lose the voice that gives expression to my true self to the world.
And, if I lose this self-expression, I will lose my personal freedom.
And so will I wither away an unsung hero in a world in need of the authentic hero.
Today, I will become a child all over again.
And,with this glorious rebirth shall I discard the fear of being different, and not fitting into the ways of the tribe.
And, I will resolutely be wary of what most people think, and what most people do.
For, is it not an absolute truism that most people tend to think like most other people?
Put differently, is it not true that most people tend to repeat what other people have done or said?
Tragically, their ideas are not theirs, and are, rather, worn out cliches believed by the vast majority.
Unfortunately, the vast majority are not making a huge success of the project called life.
And, that is why I insist on being an original, treading where others are loathe to tread.
And so shall I weave a courageous path to my own personal excellence.
I will veer away from the tribal tendency to insist that my child must be a doctor or a lawyer, because of my fear of not conforming to society’s standards of success.
Today, I will join my child in becoming the poet that he passionately wants to be, by creating the right and safe environment for his best self to grow.
For, what is success if not simply living life in consistence with one own’s truth, and on one own’s terms?
Today, I come into a realization that success is being true to the values that resonate to the best within me, without prejudice to societal tentacles.
For me, success will be to live my life to the end of creating what is most important to me, and not what is important to anyone else.
Today, I will celebrate my rebirth by doing my own thing and letting others do theirs.


Today, affirm to yourself:
“I will dream my own life, and live my own dream.”

“JUST FOR TODAY – Daily Inspirational Thoughts And Meditations.”
Dr Yomi Garnett
Talk Show Host: Dream The Life; Live The Dream.
VOICEAMERICA, Phoenix, Arizona.
Author : “365 DAYS OF WISDOM: A Daily Companion For The Soul In Search Of
Enlightenment.” Amazon Books. Barnes & Noble. Goodreads.
Author : “THE BISHOP’S TESTAMENT: A Novel On The Spiritual Basis Of Wisdom
And Wealth Consciousness.”
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