Honesty, Prof Dora Nkem Akunyili… A valid example!

Can you try and be honest at least once in your life??? Most of us clamour for change! Positive change! Yet we do things that help spoil the society the more. But we pretend not to know the impact on the society… We think its just when we are in authority or occupy political positions that such acts are called corruption. Honesty goes a long way! Even if it doesn’t pay you at the moment, it pays eventually. My role model (of blessed memory) rose to great heights because of HONESTY. Most Nigerians would not have done what she did… Many would have called her jew woman, holy holy, you too do and all… But that singular act made her stand out! She returned that money when the surgery was not done again. It took her to great places because what she did is something so rare in the Nigeria we live in. How many of us can do that! Now HONESTY has nothing to do with ethnicity or group… I have heard many say that the IGBO man isn’t honest but prof Dora is Igbo. My message is simple, let’s all imbibe honesty in all we do… Relationships o, work, church, business o… everything and anything at all. #‎poshmarilyn‬


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