MARILYN ANONA writes: There is no road that is 100% smooth and if scaling through a hurdle makes you give up on stuff it means you are mapped out for failure.


I got a call on Friday evening from someone who had watched my programme on Television. She said “thank you so much dear, your show on Television this evening has given me hope”… She went on to send a text message! She has the HIV infection and was almost giving up on life. But she said the my talk that day on Television which was titled “DON’T GIVE UP” made her feel a lot better. I took out a little time to counsel her and I told her that there is absolutely no reason to give up on life!

Why do you want to just give up like that? What is it that you are going through that makes you think its the end of the world for you? There is nothing new under the sun. What you are passing through, someone has passed through… It may be sickness, it may be a heart break, it may be divorce or separation, it may be the death of a spouse or a loved one, it may be an accident! What ever it is, I still say, you should not give up.
Do you know what kills people most times? Its not the situation that made them what to give up. What kills is giving up! The moment you decide its over, it starts affecting your body. Yes! That is because the mind and body are connected. The mind carries the body.

It surprises me when someone is willing to just give up on life. People committing suicide on daily basis. And losing the will to live is very common these days… Yes! People decide or rather choose to stop living more often than you imagine. Let us face reality! Life must throw stones at you… Its your choice to either dodge the stone or dust off your skin, treat a bruise if you got one after the stone hits you and then move on more determined to make it. Life can never be smooth and sweet all the way, never! As long as you live, you will always find yourself pushing harder and harder. And if your life appears to be easier as you age, it means the zeal with which you follow things have reduced not necessarily that life got easier. We all must understand life and live it no matter what comes our way.

My role model Prof. Dora Akunyili (of blessed memory) is an apt example of someone who never gave up. She was strong even on her sick bay. She refused to just give up even when the ailment that eventually took her life was so intense. Looking so fragile she made it to the national conference to lend her voice. And when she was asked to sit and talk, she vehemently refused! She said “I can stand”… The mind was so alive and she spoke with great strength even though her body was weak… She never gave up to the last minute, so why should you give up? Don’t even try to give up and here are few reasons why you must never give up:

1. SOMEONE WHO GIVES UP MAY NEVER SUCCEED: If you are in the habit of always giving up, abandoning a project etc because it didn’t work after you put in some efforts I am afraid, your chances of making it in life is so slim. This is because, there is no road that is 100% smooth and if scaling through a hurdle makes you give up on stuff it means you are mapped out for failure… I know you don’t want to be a failure *smiles* so please do not give up! Maybe, if you had taken the next step you would hit that break through but you gave up. How sad!!! Please don’t give up.

2. THERE IS ALWAYS THAT SOMEONE WHO CAN HELP YOU OUT OF THAT SITUATION: The problem with us most times is that, we are often too shy to share our problems. We prefer to die with them. A problem shared is half solved. Share that issue with someone! It may not be your friend. You can talk to a counsellor, a pastor or a total stranger but please talk to someone. You will be amazed how that “huge” issue that almost made you give up will be greatly reduced and solved. Please do not give up!!!

3. YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND THAT AN INTERESTING LIFE COMES WITH HURDLES: life is not a bed of roses. And even if it were, roses have thorns still. You should expect to have problems in life and scaling through them successfully is what makes you. Life would have been so boring if everything we need just falls from the sky once we mention them. Without experiencing these little challenges, life will not be worth living. And experiencing them makes you appreciate success when it eventually comes. Do not ever think of giving up! One day, you will look back and smile…

4. YOU MUST KNOW THAT SOME OF THOSE PROBLEM THAT MAKES YOU WANT TO GIVE UP, MAKES YOU DISCOVER YOURSELF AND YOUR LIFE PURPOSE: The real you is inside of you and sometimes, these life challenges make you discover you and the reason why you were created. They make you understand the things that are of great value to you. So do not give up! At the end of the day, you will be glad you didn’t.

5. EVERY PROBLEM HAS A SOLUTION: I know you are already saying to yourself that I am consoling you. But Friend, its the truth. There is no problem without a solution. It may not be the solution you want but it is still a solution. Please do not give up.

These are just very few reasons why you must never give up. But why should a strong person like you think of giving up? Giving up is for the weak and those who lack ambition. There is so much to look forward to. There is so much to achieve. It may not be so beautiful now but all efforts will definitely pay in the end. When you think all hope is lost, there is still hope. Be optimistic, be courageous. I hope that I spoke to someone today. I love you all #poshmarilyn.
Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!
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  1. Rev. chris will say never give in in the face of opposing force , if the challenges appear in the form of walls that your should close your eyes and refuse to recognise the walls because they might not be real as it appears to look, that as your move closer ,close your eyes and work through the walls and it will become a mirage , thanks Marilyn ,God’s wisdom in your can only get better

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