MARILYN ANONA writes: An average human being prefers to be distracted and therefore forgets that a quiet room to one’s self is very important in the quest for self discovery.

I love solitude, I enjoy my own company and I am at my best when I am alone. But most times when I say this, people look at me like I am some kind of alien. An average human being prefers to be distracted and therefore forgets that a quiet room to one’s self is very important in the quest for self discovery and it also enhances creativity. Great ideas are very expensive to come by and they usually come when we devote reasonable space to ourselves alone. Most of my best thoughts and ideas if not all came during times of solitude. Times spent either having a picnic alone or in my room alone. I tell you, some “alone time” is very important. If you are always focused on people, being around people and other external factors, then you are denying yourself of self discovery and personal growth. Reasons why Solitude is very good: ***** We are more creative when we are alone. Do you need inspiration? Stay away from people for a while. You will be amazed at what you will come out with. ***** Solitude can help you heal what pains you. Sometimes, the best therapy is “being alone”. That’s all the magic you need. So when you are facing a really bad time, take out sometime and be with you. Listen to your inner mind and search your soul. The answers you need may just be within you. ***** Solitude makes us see things more clearly. An average human is fond of pulling him or herself outside, thereby ignoring or not seeing what is inside. Solitude makes you see what is inside and in turn makes you see clearly. ***** Solitude allows your brain to rest. In this ever busy world, taking time out makes you relaxed. It allos your mind detach from all the noise, hustle and bustle outside. ***** Solitude can be a time for self-discovery. Solitude is your chance to learn something about yourself. These are just some of the things SOLITUDE helps you achieve. But you know what, solitude is so uncomfortable for many people because they have learned to derive their self-esteem from activities initiated by other people. Therefore, their effort is to satisfy themselves by satisfying others. If you have to be dependent on others to go on in life, it means your joy and inspiration will always be limited and unsteady… Some people will not always be there. Events will always happen to demoralize you. Yes, its good to socialize don’t misunderstand me or quote me wrong, but try to always make out time for yourself. Enjoy some alone time with you. Enjoy your own company! That may be all the therapy you need. That may be the best way to come up with that great idea that will turn your life and the world around. BE ENLIGHTENED! BE INSPIRED!! BE MOTIVATED!!! Call in for your Counselling, Coaching and Training on 08056293964. Call us too for Public Speaking on 08056293964. Follow on Twitter @poshmarilyn.



  1. Thanks Oma for this creative write up as usual! Solitude is the conduit pipe through which creativity and wisdom flows! U cannot make contact with your inner most being outside the radius of solitude! The problem of the world today is the problem of distraction and ‘scatterization’!

  2. Thanks a lot for this awsome article as always,may your knowlegde keep increasing in IJN” please open or create a BBM channel bcos more people need to be told or get this info from your unlike other irelivant issue some BBM channels post on their page,have a gr8 day MARILYN.

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