Marilyn Anona writes: Don’t expect life to be like that movie you just saw at silverbird.

Who is a grown up person? At what point do you say someone is fully grown up? Most of us who are reading this would have answered quickly, “sure I am grown up”…
Yes, most people think they are fully grown up simply because they are 25, 28, 35 or even 50 years old. But I ask you today, Does being an adult, a graduate etc mean that you are grown up?
I tell you today that being grown up (maturity) goes beyond age, having beards and pubic hairs. It has a lot to do with being able to shoulder responsibilities. It has much more to do with self discovery. It has even a lot to do with maximizing your potentials and fulfilling the purpose for which you were born into this world. Growth can be in material forms like money, or physical investments or acquisition or in forms that we can not really see such as knowledge, self discovery etc but when something has grown, it is not hidden. It shows in one way or the other…
Most people are grown biologically… Yes! Grown age wise but not really grown when it comes to the real sense of growth. Some grow but not progressively… They retrogress! Think about most of your age mates, think about the people who you have known for a couple of years… Check them out today. Are they better than they used to be or are they the same way they used to be. I mean, you graduated from the university 5 years ago or even 100 years ago… You are 30 years but you have nothing to show for it. Have you grown? Will you classify yourself as an adult? Can you shoulder responsibilities? Can you provide for yourself or are you still highly dependent on your parents?
I am very much aware of the state of the nation. I mean the economy and the unemployment rate…And I do not judge most people who do not have jobs. But when you do not have a job and you are asked who you are or what you can do or your life purpose, and you can’t say it out boldly then it means you have not started living let alone growing because the process of growth starts by first of all, realizing yourself and what you live for. Growth is all about taking responsibility for something, someone or some people. So how do you take responsibility if you don’t even make efforts to take responsibility? Do you just sit down and complain? Do you just blame the society for not being fair? Do you just lament about how the government has failed to provide for the populace?
While you complain, there are still people around you who are growing daily. There are still your age mates who have grown a lot time. Will blaming the society or the government bring about growth? The fact that available jobs are not enough is the more reason why you should strive to develop yourself and discover who you are. You must be responsible for something.
If you are not growing, it means you either stagnant or you have deteriorated to a state worse than where you used to be.
So my dear, are you grown? Are you still growing? Have you started growing?
We all should face reality! Don’t expect life to be like that movie you just saw at silverbird. Wake up! Start today… Decide to grow, it starts with that consciousness. If you find it hard discovering who you are, you can talk to us today.
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  1. Well crafted and well laid Oma! Beautiful write up from our wordsmith! All hail! Adulthood or maturity is not a function of age but a function of an acute sense of responsibilities! How much of the responsibilities of life are u able to shoulder, how independent are your decisions from external influences etc! For me, with all sense of humility and responsibility, most ‘adults’ we see around us today, are simply children in adult bodies! Selah!!!

  2. Maya Angelou once said that most people don’t grow up. Most people age. They find parking spaces,honor their credit cards,get married,have children,and call that maturity,what that is,is aging.always on point Marilyn.

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