MARILYN ANONA writes: That you are not in time doesn’t mean you won’t get there and even over take those who got there before you.


What a beautiful thing it is to have finished giving birth to your desired number of children before you get to 30 years. What a wonderful thing it is to have built a big house and have at least 3 choice cars in your garage… So juicy! Who doesn’t love that? I bet at least 90% of the people who are reading this love that. Yes, its not bad to wish to have accomplished all these. Its a good thing to be on time. But my word for you today is to encourage you. That you are not in time doesn’t mean you won’t get there and even over take those who got there before you.

Let me share an example with you. My father was the first man who built a big upstairs in my village…Not my hometown, but my village in my hometown. He built that house when he was under 30 years old. He was celebrated and many would have felt very bad at that time thinking that they are left behind already. But some other person may have built his own house at 40 years and at that time, there is no way you can compare a modern house to an old house. And you know what, my dad’s house in the village is not the best house anymore even though its still known as the first. So why do you want to end your life now simply because some things have not fallen into place? Why not take it easy on yourself?

Have you for a second thought that maybe those things you are waiting for are taking a little more time to come because they are going to be the best when they eventually come? Now, let’s liken it to a house that is about to be built. The time taken to build a high rise or a skyscraper is not the same as the time needed to build a bungalow. Their foundation are not the same to start with, just like the time and the materials, needed to build them too. The bungalow gets completed and the owner moves in while the person who is building the skyscraper takes a much longer time to complete his. Now, can you compare the benefits of having a skyscraper to a bungalow? They are simply incomparable. Let me give you another example… We all know the Tomato plant, the maize plant etc. These plants do not take time to grow and bear fruits unlike the mango, cocoa etc.

But the same speed with which the tomato grows and bears fruits is the same way with which it wanes and dies off. The mango tree, cocoa etc take a longer time but lasts almost forever. A child can cut down a Tomato or Maize plant but it takes more strength and effort to cut down a plant like Mango. Is someone getting where I am driving at? I could also give you another illustration using the evapourated milk and the condensed milk. Are they the same? Nope!!! The processes involved in making the condensed milk are more rigourous than the evapourated milk and we also know that the condensed milk is a lot better.

So when you are passing through moments of hardship, delay and stagnancy despite how hard you are trying, working and praying. Why don’t you follow this thought pattern? Why do you think you are dead all ready instead of seeing the many hurdles and a step or process to something more lasting. Don’t get the message twisted but I have realized that a lot of people have lost their lives because of what the society thinks or expects of you. You go all frustrated and do things that will make your life miserable. I am simply telling you to hold on and do the right things and in the end you will realize why some things took a long time to come. Don’t allow yourself get frustrated….

When you rush out at a time you are not supposed to, you will rush in the same way you rushed out and that is the reason why people mess up in marriages. That’s why divorce is almost like an anthem. Be patient and be sure you are also doing the right thing. I want to ask you a question… DO YOU WANT TO BE A TOMATO PLANT OR A COCOA PLANT? DO YOU WANT TO BE A MAIZE PLANT OR A MANGO PLANT? I know what you will prefer to be and if its what I think then be patient, steadfast and persevere!

Remain passionate and enthusiastic. I have never seen anyone resting under a tomato plant its not even possible. But many rest under the mango tree and it lives much longer.


I am specially grateful to one of my mentors whose teachings have touched me this past few weeks… Pastor Abide Jonas,of WISDOM POWER MINISTRIES, ABUJA… GOD bless you sir.



  1. Wow….beautiful piece….mind blowing & hyper motivational….
    Thanks dear, for this humbling & reassuring piece…
    Nice1….more grease to your swag…please keep the fire burning!!!
    Tochi Amaeshi,
    Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

  2. A man is not finished when he’s defeated ,he’s finished when he quits. A big thanks to u marilyn for ur encouraging words. It’s much better to be a mango plant than a tomato or maize plant,

  3. Awesome!!! I’m grateful to you too dear Posh…Thnks for your words of encouragement. Keep up the good work God bless you.

  4. *exhales* I’m inspired….. Thanks for the soul lifting message. Pls keep it coming and remain blessed!!!

  5. Nice inspirational one Oma…patience is d best virtue buh lot of people dnt possess it..keep d gud work up dear

  6. That was a timely piece. I really need that. I am 33 and things haven’t gone as I painstakingly planned and carried out prudently sparing no effort. Effort sometimes is not proportional to visible results. Some result of our efforts and hard work do not come as a material achievement. But most importantly, we are sometimes compensated with wisdom and experience which could still project us to the promise land when the time is right and ripe for the person meant to take the full advantage and pleasure of that success. Thanks Marilyn.

    • Sanusi, thanks much! We all have set goals and where we hoped and thought we would be at a certain age. I personally thought that by 28 I would have accomplished a lot of things but 28 is just around the corner and I am yet to accomplish them but like you said, gains and accomplishment does not always have to be material or visual things. GOD sometimes gives us priceless gifts so that when those things we are expecting come, we can handle them. Thanks again and God bless you Sanusi.

  7. My dear ur God sent.ur words hav kept me on for long,.it keeps coming as much as I had longd for so motivating,encouragin and faith renewing.ur lines givez me breath at odd tymz I must confess.may God boost ur writin energy and bless u for me in jesus name.

  8. wow!am so much inspired by your write cos its so touching#if i must confess dats d condition i am nw.thank you&may GOD increase ur wisdom.Amen

  9. it jxt seems as if diz is a divine msg directly 2 me.i really feel so inspired ryt nw….tank u very kindly oma….GOD BLESS U plenty…

  10. Yes Marilyn, notin gud comes easily. Thank u for this wonderful write up, it’s really encouraging

  11. i am rilly impressd with all your posts, truely nollywood have 2 wakeup….. i wish u and i will get in touch even if is via email for more counselling 4rm you…..thnx

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