MARILYN ANONA writes: Without enthusiasm, you are sure to remain in that bad state for long.

You lost your job… Your relationship is broken… You are broke… You are still very dependent on your family… Infact nothing is working!!! These are the usual lamentations people do. They go on lamenting and complaining. They feel their lives are over. They just go about life without zeal, enthusiasm or hope. Please DON’T DIE BEFORE YOU ARE DEAD!

No matter what you have passed through in life or what you are currently passing through, without enthusiasm, you are sure to remain in that bad state for long. And it means you are hurting yourself the more. There are many benefits in being enthusiastic. It makes you positive ie you look on the brighter side of life and still expect the best no matter what is on ground. Being enthusiastic, gives you the confidence you need to go on with life. Enthusiasm also brings about productivity. When you are positive, you are confident, when you are confident, you act and action brings about productivity.

To become ENTHUSIASTIC after a fall, demotion, problem or failure can be very tasking for most people but if you love your self, you can’t afford to do without enthusiasm. I will give you few tips on how to build back your enthusiasm.

Yes! Please forget that ugly experience. Let it go! Erase them entirely from your mind. What use is it for instance to always brood about the job you lost when you know you can’t have that same job back? Concentrating on it will only rob you of the one in front of you. And because you are all over the place complaining about the former job, you will remain in that stagnant point for a long time. While the organization that sacked you has not stopped working for one day! Please dust off the past and get going!

These are moments when you experienced great joy, accomplishment, success or what ever it is that transformed you in the positive direction. It could be that time when you had the best grade in an exam. Yes! It may be as little as that time when you were congratulated for being the best cook. It could be your wedding day. It could be anything. Just remember those times… Smile to yourself and know that if such times existed, there will always be more of those times. A bad day doesn’t mean a bad life… Stand up and keep moving.

At this time when you have experienced some major set back, there is this temptation for some people to just rush into anything because you don’t want to be left behind. We want to do this and do that just to be busy. But when you are running about the whole place just for the sake of being busy, not to be laughed at for being idle or to make small money, it means you have not really sat down to think and it means you have not yet discovered who you really are. After a major set back, its best to sit down, think thoroughly… Think through! Check and properly analyze yourself. If its a relationship you lost, think about how you contributed to spoiling your own relationship and how to go about your next relationship. When people are heart broken, sometimes in order not to be laughed at or because they are ashamed of being alone, they quickly enter into a more harmful relationship. The same mistake will soon happen again. So please become focused and set goals… Don’t be all over the place.

Yes, this is a must do if you want to become more enthusiastic. You certainly don’t need sad or miserable people around you. Happy people and the things that make you happy will go a long way to help you get your groove back.

STOP TRYING TO HELP EVERYONE WHO NEEDS HELP. The truth is, you can’t help the entire world. And at this time, you really have to help yourself before you start looking for people to help. Focus on one thing at a time and that is you. Find your feet before you start helping others find theirs. Its not selfishness, its wisdom.
FIND OUT WHAT THE PROBLEM IS AND FACE IT. One of the best ways to face or deal with our problems, is to first of all know what the problem is. It may not be your fault that you lost your job. It may also be your fault. It may not be your fault that your relationship failed. It could also be your fault. A client called me on the phone for counselling. She complained and complained about failed relationships. She told me she has never had a good or proper relationship all her life. She is always rejected. I asked for her pictures and she wasn’t bad looking. I asked her a lot of questions to be able to deduce one or two things, She gave good answers. I asked her if she will be in Abuja anytime soon, she said yes she was coming to Abuja over the weekend. And the next Monday, we had a meeting. Even before speaking to her, I knew the problem. And I told her immediately the reason why she has been in pains and its best for her to tackle it. That no man will see this “hour glass” figure with this big issue.

Having role models is a sure way to succeed. It means you have people who you look up to. It means you have people who you emulate. It doesn’t mean you are making them GOD. Most times, the religious folks will say GOD is their role model. If that is true them emulate HIM. My point is, let there be someone who inspires you.


Anyone who is a professor in the art of discouragement should not be found around you. Simple and short!!!

Eat right and exercise.
Enthusiasm is a very vital tool for success and a good life. You go about life with excitement and passion. Do not let a set back define you. Be evolving, be patient, get enlightened, be motivated, be positive and you will surely get there.

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  1. Hmmm how inspiring… All those points u raised are indeed great tips… Bwtiful week ahead of us all.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Marylin, I was feelings down about how things were going in an aspect of my life and trust me, my family were not making it any better but I just read your article and I feel much better. Thanks.

    • I am glad to have brightened your day dear Sophia. I am here for you to talk to. Never allow any situation weigh you down so much dear. I urge you to read tomorrow’s post… It will give you more inspiration. Remember, there is no one without issues, no man is entirely happy. We all have problems, they just come in different degrees and types. God bless you dear.

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