MARILYN ANONA writes: He forced his way into my innocence. ( A POEM ON RAPE)


This poem is a reflection of someone’s past. It is a true story that happened to her as a child. She will never forget this and she hopes you won’t too. Because it is to help and to prevent this from happening to others.I still remember the dark dirty floor
of the backyard.
The pain as every piece of clothing I had on
was getting torn off in fast motions.
The hand covering my
mouth as I screamed for someone to help me.
The help never came.

As I screamed with the sweaty hand over my mouth
I thought that this was it,
I was going to die.
I was only 16 years old,
all my hopes and dreams were over,
nothing pursued.

The pain was something I’d never felt before,
it wasn’t a cut nor a scrap.
This pain would never go away or heal.
Then as if time stood still
I lay there thinking what my parents would think
when I told them what had happened.
I tried so hard to get myself to safety,
but I was weak every move I made
felt like the world was crashing down on me.

When really it was a 30 year old man crushing me
as he forced his way into my innocence.
Taking away every purity I had
and leaving me with pain and suffering.

At that moment I prayed that I would die.
For to live a life with this pain and wound that would never heal was
As I stopped screaming I thought I had died.
The pain was still there but I felt a light shine on me.
As I looked up I realized the torture was over he had fled
the back yard and went back into his house.
I lay there naked in my own blood trying to figure out why this all
happened, and why it had happened to me.

To this day there isn’t a moment that goes by that I
don’t think about that day in the backyard.
The pain and suffering still lurks in my head as I dream at night.
It isn’t forgotten and never will be,
for that is how I learn and grow.
Sharing and preventing is something I strive for.

No one should feel that way.
No one should cause that pain.
For that pain lasts a life time. HEALTH.
When life becomes a sea of pain.
When life becomes a sea of pain
And every moment agony
I must endure again, again,
It is a curse to have to be.

And every moment agony,
And every longing fixed on death;
It is a curse to have to be
And fight by instinct for each breath.

And every longing fixed on death
Even as I must go on
And fight by instinct for each breath,
Sailing thus, though loved, alone.

Even as I must go on,
You watch me helpless from the shore;
Sailing thus, though loved, alone,
I need you with me all the more.

You watch me helpless from the shore
As I endure again, again;
I need you with me all the more
When life becomes a sea of pain.

Rape has become a very serious and nagging issue in our society today. You flip through the pages of our news papers and read heart breaking stories of old men raping or taking advantage of girls as young as two years. This is madness of the highest order. Some of these victims of rape cannot talk to anyone and they have this experience killing them within. I met a girl with a weird behaviour and I was always observing her. I asked her what the issue was and why she acts the way she does. She eventually told me how she was raped three years ago. I asked her if she reported to anyone and she said NO. So many are in this shoe. The effect of rape on a victim is terrible. I urge you to please talk to us today.
I always say to the girls, please mind the kind of company you keep, the way you dress and do not go out late in the night. For the people who can’t do without raping, you need to seek therapy because its evident that something is wrong.
Please reach us on 08056293964.
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You can send in Personal messages and emails too.



  1. It is really heartbreaking when you hear many young girls being raped at a very tender age. Those men that indulge in such act are so devilish or maybe possessed, I can’t imagine how someone will think of something as wicked as that it is very ungodly and I urge our young & old men who indulge in such act to repent & ask for God’s forgiveness and to my beautiful young girls/ women who has been raped before please don’t let traumatized or let the experience you had make you act weird…..thanks my ever lovable and amiable Oma for these wonderful post I’m really inspired Remain blessed darl Xoxo…..

  2. Amanda Steele once said ‘The terror takes you. The cage is locked and the curtain drawn. Fingers dance along as blades, carving memories into your flesh that will leave scars long past being healed.Alone with thoughts of what should have long been forgotten, I let myself be carried away into the silent screams of delirium.’ I can stay in thesame house wif a thief,a con artist,even a killer but for a rapist,I can’t because I might end up killing him’-Macoy.I hate them!Rapist are animals!

  3. Rape is one σƒ †нε most horrible abuses ever. It doesn’t leave α physical scar but emotionally αη∂ psychologically †нε victim is scarred ƒσя life. ℓ̊ believe †нε only way ² reduce †нε incidents σƒ rape is wen †нε victims speak out abt wot happened ² †нεm S̶̲̥̅ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ dey can heal αη∂ get closure from †нε attack.

  4. I’d like to get this out the way…
    Even thoe some females may put themselves in a vulnerable position like staying out late at night, or the way they dress, It’s not always guaranteed that one will never get raped if they avoid all those things thoe. (in no way am i saying that they should do those things anyway)

    People still get raped during the day.
    The most modestly dressed girls get raped often as well.
    Or they even get raped by family/friends they’ve known for a very long time.

    The victim is never at fault for rape. It’s always the rapists fault.
    Nice write up thoe 🙂

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