MARILYN ANONA writes: A strong willed person is determined to succeed.


Do you think you are that strong willed? We live in a society with people who find it easier to discourage you rather than motivate you. And then, there is this problem of seeing a strong willed person as a stubborn person.                                          

There is a huge difference between being strong willed and being stubborn, but that’s a topic for another day. Do you consider yourself to be a strong willed person? If you are strong willed, then a big kudos to you!!!

Strong willed people are generally more creative, stand by their belief and convictions and assumes leadership roles easily.                 Strong willed children grow up to be strong willed adults and many of these people tend to go down the entrepreneurial path and start their own businesses.

Being strong willed is one trait that helps you succeed in life because you are never discouraged no matter what you see on the way.  I want to list some of the traits of a strong willed person, so that you will know if you fall into this category.                                       *** A strong willed person is not easily daunted or discouraged.                                

 *** A strong willed person holds firm convictions. 

*** A strong willed person doesn’t often accept defeat
*** A strong willed person is fiercely loyal
*** A strong willed person is determined to succeed
*** A strong willed person is often extraordinarily devoted to accomplishing goals.                                                            

 These are some of the traits… There are many more. Do you have these traits? Then you are strong willed. Having a strong will can certainly help you persevere in the face of adversity. You may have a strong will naturally or by developing a strong will by drawing upon sources of strength to achieve your goals.                                                   

  Being strong willed is a plus! So I urge you to develop it if you are not naturally strong willed. Stay around people who are strong willed, draw strength from them and you will go a long way. Don’t go about giving up easily because things are not just working at the moment.                                                    




  1. So loving this,steven seagal once said something about a strong willed personality,he said and I quote “strong will person always got the superiour attitude,superior mind”.A dear friend of mine once told me that am a loyal friend.*wink*i guess am strong willed too. Am attracted to strong willed women.Lovely post Oma.Two thumbs up!We got that plus.*wink*

  2. True talk from the heart of my blessed,enlightened,motivating,inspiring Ms. Posh….,because one very obvious quality of a strong willed personality is they don’t follow the crowd,unless its the right way they’re ended…& because of this,selfcentred,greedy,egoistic folks call them blunt,proud,& stubborn just to break them,critiicize them,or make them feel less of themselves,since they have refused to follow their ways,suggestion or decision which are always wrong.Strong willed persons are also very patient,with an open heart,sincere & faithful in all they do & this also provokes the later,because they’re straight forward to the point like you,hehe…Superior without having to tell or make you feel inferior,as they follow only what is right..but what do we call those who follow hard after negative things & since they’re successful in it they tag themselves strong willed,focus,hardworking & no nonsense people with no time to waste as they always say?hehe…..

    Anyway,my advice to all my strong willed people,including you,Ms.Posh & me…,stay strong & don’t be surprised when those that you thought were close to you don’t support you like you thought….keep your head up & stay focused only on your positive goals like driving erratic,under the influence of narcotic. So you don’t end up becoming the barrier that cannot be overcomed in opening your eyes to the unseen,because soon the walls of lack,obstacles & limitations will fall down by your Divine right!

  3. Hmmmm! Well crafted as usual Posh! I ‘ve always loved ur mental prowess! There is nothing wrong with being strong willed if, it’s driven in the right direction! There is a thin line between being strong willed and being stubborn! Its good u ‘ve drawn the distinction by ur lovable definitions! Kip writing! Miss wordsmith! We are loyal!

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