MARILYN ANONA writes: Anywhere you see girls in large numbers, there must be gossip, cold war and unrest.


“Behind all their personal vanity, women themselves always have an impersonal contempt for women” Nietzsche.                                      Most women may not want to admit it… In Nigeria we call it beef. Hehe!

Yes, why do women beef themselves too much? There is something I always say and I mean it. Women are their greatest enemies. Anywhere you see girls in large numbers, there must be gossip, cold war and unrest. In the church, offices, residential places, schools etc. And I ask, what is the problem? What are they fighting for?                             

  I have seen a lot and actually experienced a lot to make me believe this. Most times, the issue of married men cheating come up! The first thing I ask is, “the lady who is dating this married man that you all want to crucify, does she not know the man is married and has a wife at home?” You are a woman, and you know how we feel being cheated on! Yet you colonize a fellow woman’s husband and the wife is home lacking attention and love. Some women will even open up their mouth to say, yes! He said the woman loves nagging.                 

  Now, you must know I am not gender biased. I stand for values and I believe that no matter your gender, you should be principled. I am not taking sides with the men on this and I am just giving an instance.    

 women hardly help women succeed. They are hardly united. What is the reason behind this?                                                                   

  The funniest part is, sometimes we hate ourselves for no reason. Is that not hectic?       I had this experience! There was this girl and we were working in the same branch. I am a very jovial person and very playful. I didn’t even know this lady had me in her black book. But one day, she walked up to me and confessed to me that she used to hate me. Huh! I was alarmed… She said but now she likes me. I didn’t even know her name. I just knew her face. But you won’t believe she knows my name and surname. Out of curiosity, I asked her why she hated me before. She said she thought I was a proud person. Kai! That I make a lot of “shakara” na wah o! So this is how someone would have killed me for nothing!                             

  Then I asked her how she now started liking me and how she is sure I am not proud. She said one day I was eating in the canteen with my friends and I was talking and talking and making them laugh and she realized I am down to earth. So you see, beef and hatred for no reason.                                      

 A woman would love to see her fellow woman fail, have a broken relationship, broke and all and make jest of her behind while pretending to love her.                           

Why do women hate themselves? 




  1. I wish I know why women seem to or actually hate themselves. But it is actually true. Some married women for instance are almost always at “war” with their counterparts who seem to have a stable and smooth relationships. They like it when your marriage seem to be in a mess. But they will always pretend to love and care for you according to the legendery Bob Marley. I honestly don’t know why knowing that your candle can’t shine brighter by estinguishing your nieghbours’.

  2. Why do women hate themselves?hmmm! Well,I think beauty has to be the number one reason why women hate themselves the prettier you are, the more threatened some women around you will feel especially if they are single,they will see you as the competition. Lol. Secondly,your dress sense once they see you looking flashy,unique or maybe you out dressed them instantly you’ve become an

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