MARILYN ANONA writes: Greed leads to you pulling another down to establish your place above them.

Its been a long break. Sorry I had to take some time off. I got your messages and emails and sincerely I am very happy to know that a lot of people go through my posts on daily basis enough to miss me when I don’t post. I am back.                   

  Today I want to talk about GREED! Greed is a very bad trait that is very harmful too. Greed! Wanting more and more and more of what you are actually entitled to have. Being greedy usually means that you will stop at nothing to get the things you want. You don’t care who gets hurt in the process. Greed is a very negative trait. If you are greedy you won’t get far in life because you will always be worried about what you don’t have and never appreciate what you already have. A greedy person is never satisfied.              Now let me correct something! Greed is not equal to AMBITION. I see and hear lots pro-greeders speak of greed as a driving force in the progression of society. This is completely false. Greed is not a motivational force, not at all. At least not a motivation to push boundaries and to achieve greatness.
A greedy man only sees what someone else has and wants to take it from them. An ambitious man sees that same someone else, and whats to reach greater heights than that man. There is a difference.
Greed is false feeling that you are and/or deserve something. Greed is not an aim to be something better. It is to take that something better that someone else has for yourself. Not the ambition to reach that level yourself.
A greedy man only wants what he doesn’t have. It was not greed that lead to the invention of the mobile phones for example. That was innovation and ambition. Ambition to be the greatest. Ambition drives your will to propel yourself past where you are, and past everyone else. Inventors are ambitious people.
Greed is wanting without having earned. Greed is the person who said “I could have invented that. I thought of it first. I deserve it.” Greed leads to you pulling another down to establish your place above them.
Bottomline is, greed is bad! We should all try to be aware of this feeling and get rid of it anytime it comes…                                         

  How do you know you are a greedy person?     

1. You enter a shop, buy things and when you are leaving, the cashier gives you 500 Naira extra as your balance. What will you do?                                                                  

 ***** A greedy person will keep the extra and justify it with “after all, its her mistake not mine” or “wow! Blessing in disguise”.          But a fellow who is not greedy will return the extra.                                                             

  2. You are a greedy person if you believe that…                                                                         

  ***** Greed is a natural impulse, based on our survival instinct this is what a greedy person says.                                                   

  3. How do you feel when you walk into a department store?                                            

 ***** You are a greedy person if you get depressed and sad about the things you can’t have.                                                     

  4. You are a married woman and a man is offering you some money to sleep with you.   

***** you are greedy if you accept to do that.                                                    
5. Do you ever remember the needy?               

***** Greedy people find it hard to be charitable. They don’t give! They are selfish.    

 These are few ways to know if you are a greedy person. Greedy people love to receive and hate to give. Greed can bring jealousy and envy. Greed impedes success! Say no to greed today…                                      




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