MARILYN ANONA writes: Women, Do not neglect your health which is very important… Don’t spend all your time at the boutique!


There are so many things we neglect especially things concerning our health. We neglect them and regard them as normal probably because we feel no pain when those things happen to us or we just choose to ignore and adapt to them.

I should say this article is exclusively for women. But the men have sisters, girlfriends and even wives, you should also get them to read this and be aware of what they pass through.

A normal menstrual cycle does not interfere with a woman’s ability to function normally… If she is concerned about having to run to the bathroom frequently or if she is experiencing a lot of pain or discomfort, that is not normal.

I have a friend who experiences this issue, every time she is on her period, she uses a whole pack of “always” sanitary pads daily. Very heavy flow of blood, without asking a doctor, does it sound normal?                         Most women experience heavy flow once in a while, but for some… Its heavy flow all the way! The easiest way to know when your flow is very heavy is the number of times you have to change your pads because its too full and not because of hygiene. If you have to change your pad every 2 to 3hours you are in this category. If you have your menstruation for over 6 days, then you are also in this category.

There are many reasons why you are experiencing heavy menstrual flow. The most common causes of menorrhagia or heavy menstrual bleeding are…

***** Uterine fibroid tumours are very common cause of excessive menstruation but most women do not know this. When you have excessive heavy flow during your period, it could be a sign of fibroid. This is why you should not ignore or overlook it. Therefore, its important you go to the hospital and get yourself checked.

***** Heavy menstrual flow can also be caused by hormonal imbalance. During adolescence after girls have their first periods, and for several years before the onset of menopause when menstruation ceases, our hormones levels are fluctuating which often leads to excessive uterine bleeding during our periods. It’s often possible to treat menorrhagia caused by hormonal imbalances, please see your doctor today.

***** Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) is an infection of one or more organs that affects the uterus, fallopian tubes, and cervix. Its another cause of heavy menstrual flow. PID is, most often, a sexually transmitted disease; however, it sometimes occurs following childbirth, abortion, or other gynecological procedures. The recommended treatment for pelvic inflammatory disease is antibiotic therapy.

***** Cervical cancer is another cause of heavy menstrual flow. This is a very bad cancer and most women don’t realize it till it gets bad. Please there is need for you to visit a hospital today if you usually have very heavy flow to be able to know the real cause of it.

These are some of the causes of heavy menstrual flow. There are several others… There is need for you to take care of yourself. Do not neglect your health which is very important. Don’t spend all your time at the boutique, hair salon, makeup parlour and be so dry and dirty inside. Women can experience heavy menstrual bleeding at any age, but it may occur more often as you near menopause and begin to skip periods so when you do bleed, the flow may be heavier than normal. So why should you be experiencing this at say 25,28, 30 or 32???       Visit a doctor today… Talking openly with your doctor will get you the answers you need and the treatment to manage your heavy periods so that you can stop dreading that time of the month.



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