Nyanya bomb blast 14th of April 2014
Nyanya bomb blast 14th of April 2014

President saddened by loss of lives in Nyanya bombing. President has ordered heightened security in Abuja following Nyanya bombing… Is that all? The president is always saddened by each act of terror but after the sadness no solution? The state of emergency ordered did not work. The entire Northeast is a lawless jungle. The anomie is spreading southwards, Abuja is threatened. What and where next?
For readers who are uninterested in official lies and cover ups; Nyanya, is a surburb of Abuja after Asokoro. It is nearer the city than Kubwa and Lugbe and about five minutes drive from Mogadishu barracks that was bombed a while back. Nyanya “under bridge” is the most populated place in Abuja per square metre every workday of the week during early morning rush hour and at the close of business.
Why has Nigeria refused to learn from other countries on how they have reacted swiftly against terror? Why are law enforcement always caught napping? The death toll escalates daily, why?

Bomb blast in Nyanya, Abuja
Bomb blast in Nyanya, Abuja

Online, there were pictures of victims from the explosion dumped like rotten garbage inside dump trucks. One dead man was carted in a wheelbarrow! Why are we like this? Why are we so inhuman? Why are we the way we are? How did we get here? When will we evolve enough to earn the noun “Human”. Is it too much to ask that National Emergency Management Agency(NEMA) provide body bags at times of rescue and recovery like this? The body of these victims deserve better. The gory pictures we saw had the dignity of yams and farm produce. There was no dignity befitting human beings in the transportation of the dead at the scene. For all we care, body bags must have been included in the budget of these agencies for emergencies like this.

It is possible they have body bags but someone may have sold it to morgues and private hospitals or pocketed the allotted money. What kind of country are we in? We don’t even have ordinary level decency?

The federal government spends a lot of money every year training personnel abroad. Has the training been utilized at times like this? Bless the memory of these victims oh Lord and give succor to their families.

From eyewitness account, a golf car must have been used in this attack to house the bomb before it was detonated. The way our law enforcement agencies are configured, the bodies will be collected, the wounded will be taken to hospital and the trail will go cold without investigation until the next attack. Perhaps, the time is ripe to police ourselves.

We as citizens need to be more aware and vigilant. Vigilance is key in combating terrorism. As citizens, we should watch out for any person or persons wearing clothes with protruding bulges or exposed wires under clothing, people or cars emitting strange chemical odors, be on the alert and observe any person murmuring as if saying a prayer in crowded places, or anyone who pushes to gain a position amid a crowd or near an important person. Suicide bombers often do not maintain eye contact, they sweat profusely, exhibit excessive hand movements, bite their nails and chew the inside of the mouth.

Bomb Blast Nyanya under bridge.
Bomb Blast Nyanya under bridge.

These are signs you must look for in people as you frequent densely populated public places. Be alert and be aware of your surroundings. Citizen action can help prevent attacks from happening. We must begin to protect ourselves since nothing agitates our leaders except the 2015 elections. I urge you to do your part in saving Nigeria. Those who have worked in conflict zones believe we will hit rock bottom before we can have sanity in this land. Unfortunately, rock bottom is the pits of hell littered with human remains!




  1. Nigerian security forces have not being able to use intelligence to prevent attacks and its very unfortunate. How many times to we have to be hit before we learn to take preemtive measures. To make matters worse the Nigerian emergency services have made it a point to always make sure we see all the mangled bodies by not using a simple thing as body bags.
    Most of us will rant for a few days on social media and then forget all about it till the next attack happens. I’m very afraid for Nigeria and won’t blame anyone for relocating. The government doesn’t even know we exist(no data base of Nigerians) so why should they care when hundreds are killed by terrorists with no clear agenda. I just tire, really I tire!

    • Thanks ugochukwu. The thing is, I don’t even understand the aim and objectives of the people who do this. What exactly are they fighting for? Or do they just kill and maim people for the love of blood? Imagine bombing a motor park… The masses always suffer. Its really sad. The security agents will only do their eye service job and then go to bed after a few days untill they strive again. We all should be vigilant.

  2. Wat Nigeria nids now is prayer bcos wat is affectin her now is beyond d physical it is spiritual, bcos if Der govt kuld stop it der wuld have done dat a long tym ago but its beyond dem bcos der cannot operate in d supernatural realm, so lets jst kip praying 4 dis country and trust God 4 an answer .

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