MARILYN ANONA writes : Its best to eat garlic when they are fresh to get the benefits.


Most people do not like garlic and will not want to eat it because of the smell it leaves in your breath hours after you have eaten it. But we are quick to forget the saying “NO PAIN, NO GAIN”. This saying is also applicable to garlic. Garlic is a gift to mankind but we don’t want to bear the little disadvantage of eating it which is the smell. The benefits obtained from the consumption of garlic outweighs the smell. Maybe most of us will ignore this notorious smell of garlic and start eating it when they learn of these benefits.
***** We are all aware of the high rate of heart diseases and high blood pressure in our society. Most people are suffering from high blood pressure. Some don’t even know it. The good news is, garlic can lower your blood pressure. This is because it can lower platelet stickiness thereby making the blood thinner or easier to flow.
***** Most people are also suffering from diabetes. Garlic also can reduce your blood sugar level. ***** Then there is the issue of high cholesterol level which is everywhere now. Garlic can reduce your high cholesterol. This is because it has high antioxidant properties.
***** Garlic fights cold and flu. So you should always chew some to prevent cold or consume when you have cold already.
***** Garlic is antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial so it fights a whole lot of diseases. ***** Garlic fights cancer.
***** People who eat garlic are not easily bitten by insects.
These are just few benefits of garlic. Garlic is extremely good and I encourage you to bone the smell and be nice to your health. Its best to eat garlic when they are fresh to get the benefits. This is because once open, the active ingredient is killed and becomes inactive. This makes garlic pills useless. If you must eat garlic, eat it fresh.
Eat some garlic today.



  1. Thanks a lot the Posh one. Two ways to take fresh garlic without the smell disturbing you and others – chew it with fresh tomatoes or slice and swallow like your normal pills. Either way, no smell. However, chewing with tomatoes is more advisable because it digests faster.

  2. The health benefits are undeniable but I wish it wouldn’t make one’s breath smell so foul. I may start trying it soon but it has to be late on nights I’ll be

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