MARILYN ANONA writes: I want to tell you that you don’t need to read all the books written by the best motivational writers or listen to all the speeches made by motivational speakers to be motivated.


Sometimes, I feel the word “MOTIVATION” is over used, over rated and all. Yes! Everyone talks about MOTIVATION and someone usually comes with a new secret to motivation that will keep us motivated all through our lives. We buy books, listen to speakers and get all excited and motivated only for the motivation to wane in less than 24hours. Yes, you wake up the next day feel so weak and unmotivated. You have no zeal or eagerness. Your head seems so blank, you can’t even get out of bed. You don’t see the point in getting out of bed. You don’t even take your bath till say night. This happens to most of us at some point.
Being unmotivated can just be a momentary thing for some people because they quickly snap out of it. But for some other people, its very deep and lasts long. Whether its momentary or lasts long, either way its destructive because nothing is done at that time and lost time cannot be regained. And if we experience this bout of unmotivation constantly, it means disaster.
I want to tell you that you don’t need to read all the books written by the best motivational writers or listen to all the speeches made by motivational speakers to be motivated. You don’t even need this article to be motivated. If you constantly rely on external factors to motivate you, then you will always lose motivation. Because there are events and haPpenings that will always occur which you can’t control. But this morning, I want to fill you in on some traits or things that make us feel unmotivated or lose motivation without us knowing it. I want us all to take note of these traits so as to become conscious of them. When we are conscious, we can easily shake them off and continue our life’s pursuit with the positive energy we need.
***** IMPATIENCE: Patience is indeed an invaluable virtue. We all know the old adage about the “patient dog”. We should know that everything cannot come in one day. You can’t start working today and wish for a range rover except you are coming from old money and your parents are able to buy you that. There is a route to everything. When you have this problem of impatience, you will always find reasons not to be happy thereby losing your motivation. You want everything now!
***** GREED AND LACK OF CONTENTMENT: If you are a greedy person, you will never be content and it makes feel cheated at all times. You can afford to use a blackberry bold 5 which guarantees you fast internet access but you want to own an Iphone 5s when you know you can’t readily afford it. You depress yourself by doing unnecessary comparison. You weaken yourself with depression. Greed and lack of contentment are deadly motivation killers because they do not only depress you, they also mislead. Because most times in order to now meet up… We channel our energy into the wrong things that can make us compromise our values. ***** NOT ACTING: Most of us have this problem. Not that we don’t want to act, but some problems stand as obstacles. Again, there is this group that want everything to be perfect before they act. All these are problems that kill our motivation. It is comfortable to have ideas and think about them long enough that it is exciting to tell people about, then you lose motivation to make that idea a reality. Notice what happens to your motivation when you spend a day not taking action.. it’s gone! There is no rewind in life.
***** LACK OF PASSION AND MEANING FOR WHAT ONE DOES: Once you are doing something you do not love. Something you are not passionate about, you are prone to loss of motivation. This is because, any small challenge or problem that comes during the course of working, you become depressed and sad because you were never into the job. When there is no love or passion for what ever you are involved in, it makes little or no meaning to you. Passion is everything. Its a motivation booster. Its very very important in all you do. Its keeps you going no matter what happens. It curbs frustration. ***** ILLNESS: Nothing kills motivation faster than illness. When I say illness, I do not mean Malaria. I mean High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Cancer, Multiple sclerosis and all manners of bad illness. Now that we are young, we have the chance to at least take care of ourselves and manage our health well so that we won’t be cut short by stupid diseases. This is very important because most of our efforts and sufferings to make it today will start yielding really good fruits in years to come. So it will be sad to say “oh! She was really doing well until her heart failed” etc. Please let’s all watch our diets and things we consume. There is nothing I will tell you about nutrition and diet that you don’t know already. We should also try to exercise. ***** ENVY: Now, this is a very serious matter. Envy is no fun at all. It deceives you into thinking you are never enough. It tricks you into wanting everything but the things you have. It makes you want all the talents but your own. Envy will have you think that some other person is doing it all right and you should feel bad about yourself because you haven’t done what they have. If you are envious about the intellectual abilities of someone, you can’t do anything creative. That means you have lost motivation because of envy. Envy will make you forget that the only life worth living is your own. Envy poisons desire so that we can’t trust it. Envy will focus your energy on being a victim of ‘not having’. Envy will take so much of your attention that you forget to do what is important. You forget to see the progress that you are making and so you lose motivation. Envy is worthless… Please get rid of it!
***** BEING UNGRATEFUL: Its very important that we all develop the trait of gratitude. Being grateful for the things we have. It makes us have zeal. Imagine feeling grateful all the time! That is like falling in love with life. And you know what happens when you are in love with something. Being grateful for your life as it is right now is the most important thing you can do to productively move forward. It is easier to work towards making money when you are grateful for the money that let you eat, subscribe for your internet (that made it possible for you to read this) etc. We should all be grateful. Gratitude Motivates! There are many things that can kill your motivation. The list is endless… Many of you will know some that I don’t even know. But the idea is to be aware of such things and kill them once you notice them crawling into you. Those things could be the wrong people surrounding you, could be your inability to back up words with actions, could be failure. Watch all these and I bet you, you will be MOTIVATED at all times.



  1. You are right Ms.Posh,we all need the positive energy within us to keep on pushing forward in life.Albert Einstein once said “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving”.Nice one Oma.U really got me thinking.Two thumbs up!

  2. Before I use to hate what I’m into cos not everyday do we have job. But this motivation about loving what I do, makes me feel grateful for what I have and what am aspiring for in future. Yes this saying that goes a patient dog eats the fatest bone is a motivating factor but how long do you have to wait but that you can believe me is by adding prayer as a password for His grace over you to Succeed. Dear thanks for this beautiful piece of work. Be rest assured am movtivated!!!!!

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