JUDGING A BOOK BY ITS COVER…But maybe more importantly, judging by appearances helps protect us from dangerous situations.

Poshmarilyn Society... The Society Spectacle!

ImageAppearance can mislead you greatly. It takes time to sort out who is actually a good person with a strong character and who is conniving and manipulative but by using a veneer of charm and superficial physical attraction, takes advantage of others. A big, tough and strong man, who has a rough look, can be judged as scary. While on the contrary, he can have a tender heart and a sweet soul. Moreover, history shows many horrible crimes are carried out by people who are not considered “dangerous” simply because of their innocent and sophisticated look. Using our universities as an example, most of the cult guys were handsome and innocent looking but you can’t even begin to imagine the sort of ugly things they do ranging from theft to rape. Now this is in the aspect of beauty and ugliness. Which I personally believe people should not be judged…

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