MARILYN ANONA writes: Everyone would love to age gracefully… Yes! Its a lot better to get fresher and more beautiful as one ages.

Aging is a natural process and no one can escape it. We start to age the minute we are born into this world. No one gets younger, we all get older as the clock ticks. But its worrisome when people age so fast! I mean faster than they should… You see a woman of 45 looking 65 and older women call her Mama. You see a girl of 21 looking 35 and a man of 21 looking 30. Everyone would love to age gracefully… Yes! Its a lot better to get fresher and more beautiful as one ages.
I know that some people are naturally blessed. They are ageless because they age so slowly that you always think them way younger than they are. But when you are not naturally ageless, you should help yourself by avoiding somethings that make you age faster than you really are.
There are various ways to tackle the issue of aging way too fast. But this morning, I want to talk about the dietary way to tackle this issue. Most of us, I inclusive, ignorantly consume the foods that age us faster. We consume them in very large quantities maybe because they are sweeter, more convenient or cheaper. But if you desire to look younger and slow the aging process, then you should reduce the intake of some foods or totally eliminate them.
Feeling good and looking good goes hand in hand and there are millions of good food out there that we can eat that are good for our skin and helps to reduce wrinkles or keep them away till the time when they should naturally come. Yes! I don’t think anyone would fight wrinkles at 70.
I want to let you know few foods that can make you look older or age faster than you really are.
1. SALT: Salt raises your blood pressure, puts you at risk for cardiovascular disease and leaves you feeling bloated. which we all know makes you look tired and worn out. We recommend seasoning your food with spices instead, such as fresh herbs.
2. CAFFEINE: Caffeine dehydrates the body. And when the body is dehydrated, it enhances your chances for wrinkles, fine lines, aging spots and dullness. It also interferes with your sleep, and lack of sleep is a great way to instantly age 10 years. So if you are addicted to coffee and other food that contain caffeine, be sure to always drink enough water to keep you hydrated.


3. ALCOHOL: Alcohol is equivalent to caffeine in mode of operation. It dehydrates you and can damage your skin. Please increase your water intake.
4. VEGETABLE OIL: If you consume vegetable oil and its likes such as groundnut oil, soybean oil etc on a regular basis, you will age faster and be at a much greater risk for heart disease. Please if you are a lover of oil, use olive oil or coconut oil instead.

5. CAKES AND MOST PASTRIES: I am so guilty here because I have excessive love for cakes but will cut it down. Doughnuts, cakes, biscuits, brownies and other sweet, sugary items are your skin’s worst enemy. They makes it thin, brittle and more fragile (fragile skin equals wrinkly skin).

6. NOT EATING: Not eating or skipping meals ages your body at an alarming rate and puts you at a much higher risk for over eating the next time you do have a meal. Over eating leads to weight gain, which leads to feeling lethargic, which leads to looking older. Carry small, healthy snacks with you at all times to prevent going more than a few hours without food.
7. CARBOHYDRATES: Carbohydrates are converted to sugar when not used up by the body and high blood sugar, which is caused from eating too many carbohydrates, results in a speeding up of the aging process within your body. Not only will this lead to wrinkled skin, it could also lead to weight gain. Keep your carbohydrates in check and unless you need the energy for a workout, it’s best to grab fresh vegetables, fish or chicken to munch on.

Well, the list may be too short but there are many foods that fall as sub under those ones listed above! Let’s always remember that, “WE ARE WHAT WE EAT”.
Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!



  1. Wow this ȋ̝̊̅§ lovely @ posh,I have learnt a lot from this write up. Keep it up. You will go places,mark my words.

  2. Am guilty as charged too,I drnk,eat lots of junks,am on gym nw,so fat n old lukn in my 30s, bt most of our staple a fatty,bt we can curtail it n eat right, I commend ds blog ,its enrichn n edu..wise

  3. we know about these tips. we are always too quick to gulp anything edible. on my part, i will do my best to eat a more haelthy meal. thank u for ur piece.

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