MARILYN ANONA writes: I believe that now is the time to act!!!


I want to talk about the country a little. Our environment affects us in many ways even though most times we may not notice because its not too direct. We all have been complaining for long about the state of the country. But most times, we choose to complain from our homes through Facebook, Twitter< Blackberry Messenger etc. we complain and then sleep and that ends it. I am saying today… Its high time we started acting!
The truth is… No country ever achieved good governance, unless the people demand it. We need a revolution, we need a bloodless one more, we need one regardless. Lots of things are happening and getting worse by the day and we are as usual doing sit down dey tweet or Facebook or sit down dey complain.. There is time for everything. Time to complain and time to act. Time to petition and time to protest. Time to seek sustainable change and time to seek continuity…. I believe that NOW is the time to act!!!
Nigeria needs lots of subsidies not just the oil subsidy but in other areas like Agricultural inputs, unemployment benefits (so that the youths can become self employed), manufacturing industry stimulus etc. European companies receive it and America subsidizes its indigenous businesses all the time. Now to us youths…
Now to my fellow Nigerian youths, No rule says you must work in the bank because you studied Accounting, banking and finance, economics etc! Its time to discover yourself in the 1st place. Outside those courses you studied which you didn’t study because you love but because that is what your score in jamb could give you (this is so in most cases) what can you do? No rule says that because you are a graduate, you must have a white collar job. This thought pattern has compounded issues.
Again, my fellow youths, think of leaving your family house. It won’t be easy to start but remaining there doesn’t help you. You are stuck in your comfort zone and refuse to face reality. Leave and get into the world, suffer and stretch yourself a little. Try!!! Most of us use the smartphones and other gadgets but do not even know how to effectively use them apart from tweeting, using Facebook and the other social media. Let’s learn to use the computer. We all should have a sound knowledge of computer usage at least Basic knowledge. We all should keep on trying and pressing no matter how clumsy our efforts may seem most times. But its better to keep trying and moving slowly than not to try at all.
Its important to know and accept the fact that, We cannot all be leaders. No matter from which angle you look at it, it is impossible. The number of followers will always outnumber leaders. Following is a necessary sacrifice. Sometimes it is an honour. However we can all be good and responsible followers who hold leaders accountable. We should all be responsible and try to effect change even in our small environment. Now please don’t go all religious on me! Faith in GOD alone isn’t enough to make Nigeria better. We have to act as well… For example, you are looking for a job, and your pastor tells you, your miracle job is coming! And you go home, fast, pray and sing and don’t go about submitting your CV. And talking to people. How will that job come when you have not indicated interest to work for any company? Faith without work is dead.
Many of us are talented and gifted with wonderful ideas that can make us super rich and transform lives. Ideas that the masses can benefit from! But having an idea isn’t enough. Most people need a platform to be able to practicalize or use those ideas to better their lives and those of others… The one problem across board is access to funds. This is made even more difficult because we live on the other side of the world. Nonetheless, getting investors is the only way to drive a project. So when you plan that genius idea, always think of how to sell it, or you only have yourself to blame, plus the society is already how it is. It won’t change just so your idea can be executed. While trying to sell your ideas to get investors, always be very sharp because so many are out there who thrive and succeed by taking advantage of people. They may not just disagree to help you, but will steal your idea and utilize it… They have the finance already! You all have a beautiful Monday.
Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!



  1. As usual a very enlightening post by Marylin and I’m so sorry I’ve not really been a regular on your blog nowadays, school’s on my mind now. Nice job.

  2. Itz 2ru dear, parents wnt d bst by sending dia children 2skul, bt 1 fin iz dat u can only force a horse 2d river bt can’t force it 2drink water. Most youthz go 2skul 2fulfill all ryteoussness, bt once dey r out, dey dump dia certz &join d masses in blaming d Government wen dia r several opportunitiez close 2us. A 4wnd of myn (graduate) jst got in2 ABJ 3dayz ago, bt told me dat som1 told him not 2borda komin wit his papers bkoz, in Abuja itz all abt connection &not papers. So d guy iz naw lyin on ma bed, waiting 4d call of d said guy 2hook him up, d same guy who even abandoned him wen he arryvd ABJ & I picked him up. Plz a word 4d mumu (pardon)

    • Yes dear. You are correct but education is not the way out of poverty. It has enslaved many and makes us think that our destiny is in a sheet of paper called the CV. For me, one doesn’t need to waste resources going to the university except of course you want to be a professional. Secondary school education is the standard and subjects that will enable the students find where their flair and talent is should be done. After the secondary education you can now proceed to acquire skills based on what you are good in. Abimoster, as for your friend! That’s the mindset and that’s what happens sometimes. But lying on the bed and waiting for a call is so lame. Thanks for your contribution dear. Have a nice day.

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