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2014-03-28 20.41.29 Yes Zara Gretti can trend Nigerian Wide now, smh , shameless, heartless and wicked people of our Nation.  But listen and listen clearly, if your intention of blogging her death news was to gain traffic to your page, NA THUNDER GO FAYA YOU.

But why do we lack love among us? Why are we selfish in this country? Why do we practice this cabal thing everywhere but stand too fast to point fingers to government?

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Did I hear someone asking who this Zara Gretti is? Hold up I will answer that before you pull your senseless unreasonable  joke as usual, Zara is a Nigerian based in the US for a while before she returned back home to do music, popularly known for her hit tune “Abokoku”  produced by Spankie, and few others like “Teno”  which is her last major effort  before her last one produced by Dokta Frabz titled “Yeah”  which never gain bloggers…

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