MARILYN ANONA Writes: What are the qualities of a true man or woman? What are those traits that distinguish them from others?

With the high rates of divorce, heart breaks and failed unions between men and women, people are always eager or curious to know if they are with the right person. One thing I know is that there is no formula for a relationship to succeed. What works or worked for A may not work for B. I can only tell you that once you are more than 60% compatible with your partner, the relationship could work if you both compromise and work hard to understand each other. These days, its getting more and more difficult to find the right partner. Those who thought they were through with the search for Mr/Mrs Right, all of a sudden leave their partners due to one or two things they couldn’t bear. Some carry the grudges of the bitter experience they had in their past relationship to the present one making everything so difficult. What are the qualities of a true man or woman? What are those traits that distinguish them from others? If you are asked these questions, would you answer with ease? Now, note this… Whether dating or married your personal life can be greatly improved by looking for or appreciating these qualities. So I don’t want you to think that because you are married therefore everything is perfect and there is no room for improvement. I want you to know that attraction and compatibility are two different things. I am not going to talk about how tall the person is, or the colour of their hair… but you will learn that there are quite a few qualities that are attractive to everyone except those with problems. Let me start by listing the qualities and traits of a true woman. ***** A true woman is very confident and proud of who she is. She appreciates her self and who she is. ***** She is very honest and upfront because she recognizes the destructiveness behind undisclosed expectations.  She’s straight forward and respectful about setting boundaries and the tempo of her relationships early on. ***** She is Independent and very strong. ***** She is patient. ***** She shares the right Amount of drama. She has the right amount of drama to share with her man (Positive and negative).  A great man will be always be there for her (to listen and understand), but there should be a limit. ***** She knows her life purpose and has set goals. ***** She is secure. ***** She is always there for her man. ***** She values a real man. Hmmm! Now time for the men… Are you a true man? Tough question right? Ladies, I would love you tImageo pass this on to guys around you. We need them to be true. ***** A true man is a Leader. ***** He is independent. ***** He is assertive. ***** He handles adversity with dignity. ***** He is always present. ***** He is honest. ***** He has a plan. ***** A true man doesn’t play with your emotions. ***** He is brave. I do not know it all. The list can be longer. So I will appreciate it if you can add your own to the list. Please share your thought. Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!



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