MARILYN ANONA writes: If you love him or her, I urge you to love as hard as you can and love with everything that you have.

Love is a beautiful thing. We all want to love and be loved. Loving someone gives strength and makes us have hope. When you are in love with someone, there is no selfishness involved, all you think of are ways to make this person happy. He or she is always on your mind and this happens naturally or unconsciously. When you find that someone you love, he appears like everything good. You see his flaws yet you overlook them (that is why they say “love is blind”). When you love someone, you pray for him or her even before praying for yourself. Hmmmmm! Love is indeed very powerful. Makes us melt… Makes us lose our defenses… Makes us do things we never imagined we could do! But the problem is that most people do not know what they feel. Many misinterpret obsession, lust and attraction as love. So today, I want to let you know how to know you are really in love with this person in question. There are few questions I will ask, all you need is sincerity. Be sincere when answering this question, do not deceive yourself. Its not an exam, its just to help you know if what you truly feel is love. ***** Do you always imagine yourself with this person? You day dream about him or her, make conversations and mention the person’s name so many times without even knowing, then you are in love. ***** Do you all of a sudden start saying yes to the things you used to say no to? ***** Do you find yourself not staying angry for too long when you fight or argue? ***** Is the person the first thing on your mind when you wake up and the last thing on your mind before you sleep? ***** Do you put the person before yourself? ***** Do you always see him or her in your future. Do you always picture the two of you together in future? ***** Do you imagine having kids with him or her? ***** Do you call or text your loved one just because you want to say hi or hear his or her voice, then you may be falling in love. ***** Are you aware of his or her flaws and okay with them? ***** Are you willing to Imagestep out of your comfort zone for him or her. Are you willing to change your location, learn a new language as opposed to what you initially wanted in life? ***** Do you feel comfortable revealing your weaknesses to him or her? ***** Can you compromise for him or her? ***** Can you spend hours talking about absolutely nothing with him or her? ***** When you give to this person, do you feel empty or full. Do you feel like they owe you? ***** Are you willing to share the little you have with him or her? By now you should have answered some of these questions. You now know if you love this person. If you love him or her, I urge you to love as hard as you can and love with everything that you have. Do have a fun filled friday. Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!




  1. Mmmmmmm, diz luv issue iz rilli killin dan any oda fin, koz I’ve decided nat 2luv again koz of d past bt u r re-awakening it all again. All ur questionz hv bn answered in ma hrt or even voicing som out wyl reading, bkoz I’ve felt all dat in d past & I was messed up, so I decided dat diz tym around, d nxt gurl iz gonna suffer 4it, bt 4rm diz ur wryt upz, hmmmmmmmm, OMALICHA D POSH u r rili tickling me Ooooo.

  2. Nothing feels as good as loving someone and the person loves you back. Its a powerful feeling and its hard not to know it when u feel it. But these questions are good pointers for those who are unsure if its love. Nice post.

  3. Sure thing Marylin, as usual. There’s a depth of love that makes that possible but there’s also trust, some people have been so much in love yet they still can’t trust who they are in love with. So trust and love should be reciprocal.

  4. “Love is an excuse to be stupid”.U do a lot of selfless things because of love.Although I must confess,I have not felt love from a woman for a long time.Being single for long can cause that.Maybe who knows, someday I will fall in love.Smh.

  5. You couldn’t be any more correct about this. Truly a lot of people mistake all sorts of stuff for love and then they fail to realise love when it comes knocking on their door. Perhaps I’m wrong but I noticed also that the more you desire it, the more it eludes you.

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