MARILYN ANONA writes: when you believe that tomorrow will be better, it keeps you going with great positive energy.

Most times when I am hungry and lacking seriously, most people don’t know because I glow. On Thursday last week, some big man came to the office. He made one statement that got me laughing. He said I was way above average and have so crossed poverty that I can never be poor in this life again. I was shocked. I asked him what he meant and he said anyone who looks at me will know. I muttered in Igbo ” this people don’t understand” and was surprised when he replied… I didn’t even know he is Igbo. What makes me glow so much that people do not see the hardship that I experience? What makes people that are even older and people who I suppose are much better than I am come asking for alms? I will tell you what it is because I want you all to make use of it as a tool for self motivation and energy. When you have this trait, I tell you the zeal and enthusiasm you have for life will be evergreen no matter the circumstance. Its true that sometimes in life, we feel like what is the point of existence? At such times, every or most aspect of your life will appear depleted, defeated and deflated but when you believe that tomorrow will be better, it keeps you going with great positive energy. Optimism is a very vital tool for success in life. What do you gain by depressing yourself with pessimistic thoughts? I do not like pessimistic people they always prefer to complain and grumble. They can never proffer solutions to problems and are often too myopic to see or recall that no condition is permanent. The bad thing about pessimistic people is, they won’t let you be with your hope and optimism. They want to make you as miserable as they are. Which isn’t a good thing. When you know and hope that things will get better not minding your present situation, you have the strength to carry on. I am an optimist to the core and I am glad to say that a lot of people draw strength from me. Optimism is a very beautiful trait. It helps you and helps your association with people. I want to outline some of the reasons why you should be optimistic so that you too can help yourself. ******* Optimists are more successful in life and usually full of creative ideas. They are very open to innovation and not fans of stereotypes. ******* An optimist appears luckier than others. This is because, he or she doesn’t wallow in self pity. In case of failure or disappointment, they get over it quickly and start all over again. ******* Optimists are always in good mood. Don’t get me wrong o. I don’t mean that they never get sad, disappointed or frustrated, sometimes they find themselves in these shoes. But they have this ability to quickly regain composure and think a way out of their shitty situation. ******* Optimists longer maintain youth and health. They believe that their health is in their hands. Scientific studies show that with help of positive thinking the body’s defence becomes stronger. The harmony of the soul is the base of the harmony of the body, and the harmony of the body is the best defence against disease. When the optimist falls ill, he devotes all his energy to recovering. Positive attitude is replenished by the power of autosuggestion. The optimist is well aware that the disease is a signal that it is time to change something in his life. ******* Optimists do not consider other people enemies. Even if they are disappointed in someone, they do not transfer their frustration on other people. They are easy to agree with and have an open and friendly style of communication. Optimism is really very important. It makes you look forward to tomorrow. The funny thing is, even if you choose to torture yourself with negative thoughts, there are some things life doesn’t give you options to choose. There are some situations you can’t help. So why not hope and always think positively… OPTIMISM has no disadvantage! Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!



  1. Hurraaaaaaaaaay!!!

    She has done it again, gurl, u rock!!! Yes na me tok am. I used 2beliv in “no money no friend” in d past, tinkin dat dia iz no reason 2smyl or beckon on any, smiling or even picking interest in any tin. I used 2get so angry weneva I’m dwn on cash or wen I dnt meet up certain opportunitiez, bt 4rm diz, ADA of Anambra State, d Omalicha Posh has rili proven 2me dat hapiness attractz wealth, gud 4wnd &beta opportunitiez. Hapinez drives demon far &sndz away bad odour. If I begin 2mention, I’ll hv no more comment 4subsequent posts. Kip it upbeat swty. I’m ur no1 fan. We all luv u

  2. I was nodding my head all through as I read this post. Well put Ms. Posh. I agree totally. This is a very helpful nd motivting post. Thanks.

  3. Good one the Posh one. For some of us who don’t think it is possible to shift to positive thinking, maybe because unlike our diva here, you’ve been a pessimist for as long as you can remember, a trial will convince you.

  4. Sir Winston Churchill once said “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity;an opportunist see opportunity is every difficulty.’What do you see?This post is so inspiring. Am blessed Ms.Posh. Thanks for being a blessing to us dear.

  5. Sure sweet, Optimism has no disappointment but rather makes you believe that your tomorrow is greater than today……….

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