MARILYN ANONA writes: Dear employer, please a worker deserves his salary at the end of the month.

9:00am on a Monday morning and the office is yet to be opened. 9:45am and the person whose duty it is to open the office on daily basis is seen strolling to the office in such a nonchalant manner. Hmmmm! Disturbing isn’t it? Okay… The office is eventually opened and seconds, minutes and hours later, only 5 staff are present in the office. I mean a large office with a staff strength of more than 50 people. You see vacant tables and no one is even bothered as to why those tables are empty. I asked one man who was present in the same office but was eating in a way that should not be in a corporate setting. His response to my question was even more disturbing. He said “ah toh, today is Monday now… Those who travelled for weekend are not yet back.”.
I just heard someone murmur “what sort of office is that?” (Laughs out loud). That was the same question I asked. In my usual way, out of curiosity, I decided to ask questions because I wanted to know the reason behind the employees’ attitude to work. Within 5 minutes of chatting with the receptionist, I got what I needed to know. The organization owes its employees salary arrears of 8months. No wonder the lousy culture of lateness and so many other poor attitude to work. What do you expect? How do you expect an employee to be well behaved when you don’t pay them after working. Would the person in charge of the organization have the moral justification to reprimand an employee who misbehaves when he is not taking care of his responsibilities as the head of the organization.
Its so funny! Most employers of labour cheat themselves but think they are cheating their employees. When you don’t treat your workers well, your business tends to suffer. An employee’s service delivery is very much connected to his income. This is because the employee is motivated to work knowing that at a certain date of the month, his or her salary is paid. That expectation gives him or her the drive to work because there is something to gain at the end of the day. But when you work and at the end of the month you get to hear cock and bull stories, your spirit dampens. You get demoralized because you have planned on how to utilize this money. Then first month, second, third! Still no pay… It starts to reflect in the organization. Some employees start to resign, some stay back only because they don’t want to be idle at all so they use the office for passing time while they hunt for a new job. They become so redundant… Do you blame them?
Most companies under pay their employees. They use them terribly and pay them peanuts at the end of the day. That is very bad already so why do we have to contend with not even seeing the small salary? When you don’t pay your employees, you encourage corruption and un professionalism. You encourage vices in the office, you stagnate your office, you disorganise your office. The employees will not work well that is if they work at all and you will watch your organization gradually decline and depreciate in everything especially profit making which is the main reason for business. Some of these employers will say to themselves,”oh well, I can always employ new people”. Shallow thinking! Always changing employees is not too good for any organization. This is because you will spend time training them and then they spend extra time adapting to the new job and getting new clients. Again, when an old employee leaves an organization feeling cheated, sad or angry, they carry along which ever client they brought to the organization and they can even go to any length to ruin the reputation of that organization. There are several other factors that affect the service delivery of employees but I just decided to write about this issue of salary and owing salary because its fast becoming a norm. Dear employer, please a worker deserves his salary at the end of the month. He or she has bills to pay and several needs to take care of. Most times, we know a lot of money is made as profit, but instead of paying us you will choose to buy yourself a new car, Phone etc while we who suffered to see the organization grow are left empty handed with false tales of “the company doesn’t have money or the company did some bad investment”. Not paying employees their salary or paying them terribly poor has a negative implication on service delivery which pulls down the organization but most importantly, it affects the employees personal life which in turn affects the society. Making this nation better requires a concerted effort. No stone should be left un turned. Let’s help each other… Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!



  1. Lovely write up…. Very true… U can’t expect to owe someone for dat long and still get the full effort and commitment to the job… This is part of what is taking Nigeria backwards, the workers of such companies would even start stealing 4rm the company without even feeling guilty of doing something wrong…. Employers should always remember that the employees of the company is a great asset for the firm and should be treated properly oelse it could ruin the future of the firm.

    • Thank you so very much Mr Deji. Yes, the employees would resort to all sorts. That’s why I mentioned corruption. They will do everything and anything to make ends meet. Of course, there must be something that makes them still come to work despite the 8months salary arrears. Thanks so much Deji and please share the post. GOD bless you!

  2. A lot of employers are guilty of this practice and most times they do so with reckless abandon, expecting the employees to understand with them. Its terrible and no matter what, a labourer is worthy of his wages. No business can go forward when employees are not well motivted and paid regularly. I know a certain young lady who has worked for two different establishments and in each case she worked 3months and wasn’t paid a dime. Now she’s going about looking for a pastor to deliver her that she has spiritual problem, that anywhere she works she doesn’t get paid. Its terrible what some of these employers put people through.

    • Its really terrible. For me, its outright wickedness and insensitivity. I say so because in most cases, you see the bosses buy new things for themselves and take proper care of their family. They forget that those who work for them have responsibilites too and that’s the reason you are working in the first place. Nigeria is so disorganized and has given room to all sorts of unfavourable practises. These employers do not care because they will not be punished. Imagine the poor girl. She now feels she is under a spell. Imagine what people go through. Employers of labour should please endeavour to pay their employees. Thanks Ugochukwu. Do have a blessed day.

  3. My dear lady, my company owed us 4ova 9monthz, dey only pay salaries @d end of d year, 2tell u d 2rut, diz iz a tv/radio station & u knw wat? We also get serious 2wards d end of d year. Itz rili bad 2watch ur company grow wit pple’z sweat, den u hv d mind 2concentrate on bying equipments dan paying ur workers. My MD presently has built an orald studio in abj & is building anoda in ph, diz studio costs not less dan a billion naira each. He baught d most expensive camera in d world (RED) worth twenty million naira, baught ob van &so on. We were still d ppel who worked out diz money, he used us 2get d equipments down, he signs cheques of hundredz of thousand 4us 2kip 4d pple working on d studio or 4equipment owners, we watch dem tk d cheques away, buy cars, wear good cloths & even kom bak 2intimidate us. Bt d question my OMALICHA POSH iz… Wat do we do as d workers? Y I’m hia in abj 4ova a month naw witout concern iz bkoz of dia nonchalant attitude 2wardz our salary, so wen we tell our gm dat we hv oda jobz, he permits us & covers us up dat we r on officia job outsyd. Bt shld diz kip goin on? Wat shld d employees do?

    I LUV U

    • Dear Abimoster, believe me when I say I totally understand you. Its a very terrible situation and its gradually becoming a norm. Employers do not like to pay. And to make it worse, the employees are not united, so they can’t cry out in one voice. Myadvise to anyone who works in such an organization is to flee if at 3months you don’t get paid because when it piles up the more payment becomes very difficult. It makes you waste your time. You get frustrated at the end of the day. You go out every morning,yet you beg like an outcast just to feed. If the employees are united and know that of a truth they are being cheated, they should go to labour and report. There is no reason why one should be owedfor months.

  4. My dear nice piece. Imagine a woman wasn’t paid for 8 months got ill and died, only for d company to take 10 000 to her family compensation after owing her hundreds of thousands, its so unfair. How will some1 be working without bin paid? Haba! That’s Naija private sector for u. A worker deserves his or her salary @ d end of d month. May God help us!

  5. ℓ̊ нανє had α 1st hand expericence σƒ employer not paying αη∂ truely its an unforgivable experience. ℓɪ̇kε U̶̲̥̅̊ said †нε biz wud suffa in †нε end becus †нε biz needs its workers as much as dey need it. My employers learnt †нα† lesson in α hard bitter way. Interesting subjects

    • Truly its a very terrible experience to put in your time and be loyal and at the end you are left to suffer. No one cares yet they care for their children. May GOD help us all. Thanks Ikenga. Have a beautiful day.

  6. Another compelling case on Corporate slavery!Yes!I remember looking for a job in one micro finance bank and the HR asked me to submit the Original copies of my certificate to make sure that I don’t run away with their money.See na!They don’t trust me but the want me to trust them to leave the Original copies of my certificate to their care, then at the end of the month they will pay me only N25k.A graduate!Nice Oma,thanks for enlightening me on this HR challenging issues.

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