MARIlYN ANONA writes: Laziness is a disease, one that is highly contagious. Lazy people make other people lazy.

Its a very big world yet its a small world. The world is big because there are lots of people dwelling in it. And as such, you meet all sorts of people. The ones who will add values to our lives, the ones who worsen our lives, the ones who will help to mend our damaged lives and out rightly detrimental people. Of these groups of people I just listed, you should never mingle with the out rightly detrimental people. But no matter who you meet, the truth is you can only trust you. But since no one man is an island and we must mingle, we need to surround ourselves with people who will encourage us to grow. People who will not be a dead weight on us. We have to therefore cut off the negative and highly detrimental people out of our lives. We don’t need them. We need to try as much as we can to stay away from them. Yes, avoid them! because most times these negative and out rightly detrimental people are incapable. And those who are incapable themselves will try and cast their issues onto you. They look for any way to release the burden they have on their own lives and do so in a poor manner. You must not allow yourself to fall victim to these people, because they will only take away from your life’s happiness and drain you totally. Don’t get me wrong o! It is important to be nice to people, but you cannot do so at the expense of your own happiness. Nothing changes until we do. We cannot expect the situations around us to change if our personal behaviors do not change. You must take responsibility and if it means keeping away from negative people, then so be it. You need to look out for yourself because at the end of the day, you only have yourself to blame for your failures and your successes.
Its a beautiful Friday and before you start enjoying the weekend, I want you to know these set of people and avoid them if they have refused to change. Don’t let them drag you down. ***** THE UNFORGIVING. My dear, please stay away from that person who finds it terribly hard to forgive. We all know what forgiveness is. ***** THE JUDGE. We don’t need that man or woman who constantly condemns us or use a simple mistake as an avenue to tell us terrible things. A good friend or associate should correct not condemn or judge. Stay away from that judge. Most times, they are terribly full of flaws themselves and are the ones who need to be judged. ***** MR AND MRS NEGATIVE. These people are very very pessimistic and will weigh you down with tales of woes and darkness. Do you need such stories? Yes! the economy is bad… So what? It will get better tomorrow and we will all smile. We don’t need those who will make us feel that there is no remedy to adverse situations. We don’t need people who complain all the time and yet don’t proffer solutions. ***** THE LAZY.
Laziness is a disease, one that is highly contagious. Lazy people make other people lazy. The more you hang around the immobile, the less you will feel the need to be mobile. Hang around lazy people too often and you will notice your productivity generally decline. ***** THE SHOWOFF ADDICTS.
Those who feel the need to be showy are always compensating for something and trying to prove their worth to themselves. Unfortunately for them, this is how you know they have little worth. Showing and trying to make other people envious is a waste of time, unless you are trying to make yourself feel better about yourself at the expense of others. People that do such things are not the kind of people you want to keep around.
***** THE PARASITES. When our friends are at a difficult point in their lives, there is no reason not to help them out or to offer to pay for their food/movie ticket so they come out and have fun with the rest of the group. The problem is when the person seems comfortable in the position and is making little to no effort of improving their financial situation.
Not those that have an actual chemical imbalance, but those who act like they do. We all know people who are always feeling bad for themselves, always complaining about how difficult their lives are and how unlucky they are. Bad luck is not a lifelong circumstance. If your life sucks, then guess what? It’s mostly, if not entirely, your fault. Don’t keep these folks around unless you want them to bring you down with them.
***** THE COMFORT ZONE LOVERS. Please, please and please stay away from those who are too scared of leaving their comfort zone. Those who are very comfortable with just eating 3times a day, having sex and engaging in leisure. You don’t need such folks around you believe me. ***** THOSE WITHOUT A DREAM, AMBITION OR GOAL. These ones are very risky o. They are just like blind people. Where does a blind man lead you to? You are so done for when you have these type of people always around you. Please dissociate. When you move with the right people, your life gets better. Two blind men should not move together. And you should not be led by a blind man too. The wrong company will make you remain in the same shoes forever. And while you pray to GOD to please help you out of the messy situation you find yourself in, you fail to see that the solution is with you. Get rid of these leeches. Keep them far away. See them when there is need. Don’t in a bid to please people, depress yourself. Like my friend Dazzy would say, “you can’t please world people”. I don’t know why I wrote about this today. This is a typical Monday topic. But I know someone has greatly benefited from it. You all have a fun filled Friday. Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!



  1. Nice post!!! Keep it up darl. . are truly a star may Almighty God always inspire & give you the grace to educate and enlighten people. Keep on keeping on I’m sooo proud of you

  2. Yea, ure right dear. Nice piece, @ least I’ve benefitted from ur beautiful write up dis morning. *smiles*

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