MARILYN ANONA writes: We should always be aware that at least one person’s destiny is tied to us and always be kind when we can.

You have got to try a little kindness, show a little kindness, Just shine the light for everyone to see… And if you try a little kindness, then you will overlook the blindness of narrow minded people. These are lines from one song. Its an old song and one of the first song learnt. Yes! The narrow minded find it extremely difficult to be kind. Kindness is one of the greatest virtues. Kindness is good for those who practice it as well as for those who benefit from the kindness of others. I have been kind to people and I have also come across a lot of kind people. Kindness is an attitude or a trait possessed by good people. But it runs deeper than what we think or imagine. Sometimes, people act kindly because they have a motive. Acting kindly because you want or expect something from someone isn’t true kindness. True kindness requires nothing in return. Kind people will exhibit kindness naturally, and on many occasions. But you can also not be a particularly kind person, yet still open a door for an elderly person to make it easier for them to enter your office reception or open the gate for a neighbour who just came back to avoid them taking the pains to come down from their car to open the gate. Kindness is more effective, and less costly, if it is expressed more naturally. kindness is contagious, so it makes our communities nicer places to be. Human beings are naturally hard-wired for love and compassion. So it’s not all chasing about individual success, our communities and society flourish when people look out for each other. Kindness can be as simple as a smile, a thank you or a word of encouragement. It’s a way of connecting, even if only for a brief moment, with those we pass in our daily lives. It doesn’t have to cost anything or take much time. What is important is that it’s an act of genuine care and thoughtfulness for another person. To be kind, it is important for us to be aware of the people around us and to notice their needs and feelings. We all have an innate compassion but sometimes it takes bit of time for us to tune into it. Let’s make a conscious effort to be kind to one another. Some people are in desperate needs for kindness. It may be as little as nice words that don’t cost a thing. Or through gifts which are not hard to give out too. We should always be aware that at least one person’s destiny is tied to us and always be kind when we can. We can plan to be kind, it doesn’t matter. I want to suggest some acts of kindness to help you get started. ***Help out someone in need.
***Offer to look after a friend’s children.
***Donate your old things to charity.
***Give food to a homeless person and take time to talk with them.
***Visit someone who may be lonely.
***Give blood to the sick.
***Volunteer your time for a charity.
***Praise someone for a job well done.
***Pass on a book or a movie you have enjoyed.
***Say sorry.
***Forgive someone for what they have done against you or for hurting you.
***Visit a sick friend, relative or neighbour.
***Buy an unexpected gift for someone.
***Help out a colleague with too much work load at the office. ***Have a conversation with a stranger.
***Pick up litter as you walk.
***Let someone in front of you in the queue.
***Read a story with a child or play with a lonely child.
***Tell someone they mean a lot to you.
***Let someone have your parking spot.
***Offer your change to someone struggling to find the right amount.
***Treat a loved one to breakfast in bed.
*** Buy cakes or fruit for your colleagues.
*** Invite your neighbour round for a drink and a chat.
*** Offer to help with someone’s shopping. ***Give up your seat.
***Hold a door open for someone.
***Give a (sincere) compliment.
***Make someone laugh.
***Give someone a hug.
***Take time to really listen to someone.
***Let one car in on every journey.
***Make someone new feel welcome.
***Help someone who is lost or stranded. Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. Remember, kindness is good for you too not just for the person who is receiving. You heal by helping others. Do have a marvelous Monday. Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!



  1. A simple geniune act of kindness can spark off a chain of events that can lead up to great changes in an entire community. Genuine kindness is lacking in our society today and thats why the situation of the country is shifting from bad to worse. Nobody does anything nice for the sake of being nice, there’s always an ulterior motive or hidden agenda. Celebrities go to motherless babies homes only because they want the cheap publicity, government officials take biased and unfair decisions just because they want to be guaranteed of votes from certain quotas, some wealthy people only give financial support to others because they want them to always feel indebted, some give only because they want to make Its very rare to find people who are genuinely kind just for the sake of being kind. Call me crazy but someone who isn’t kind is selfish and a selfish person is a wicked person, a wicked person is a corrupt person! Nigeria is where it is today because over 90% of its people are corrupt from the bottom up to its leaders. So I think we can do with a lot of kindness to bring about that desired change and it starts with YOU! Ok, I’m done post Posh.

    • Thanks so much Ugochukwu. You are so correct. In our society today, people only become kind when they feel they have something to gain from you. The celebrities go to the motherless babies’homes for instance and publicise it because they want to remain relevant. There are still some very kind people though. I know a friend who does charity… He doesn’t even want to be praised so he does it anonymously. He is really a kind soul. If many are like him, the world will be a better place. Even in churches, people just come out for donations because they want to be noticed by the pastor. Its funny! But we should all be kind and not point accusing fingers on some people. Most of us are not kind. We find it terribly hard to even pay simple compliments to someone for a job well done or because they look good. That is also part of it. Kindness is very essential. GOD bless you Ugo

  2. Nice one. The world would be better if we all can lend a helping hand. Simple and effective ways to heal this world of ours. Thumbs up Marilyn.

  3. Nice piece dear, let’s show kindness to one anoda coz showing kindness to odas increases our blessings from God.

    • There we go Amina! Being nice to people because you expect blessings from GOD. Why can’t we just be nice/kind because someone needs it. That’s why most people get frustrated because they have a reason being kind. When such people encounter difficulties, they feel cheated because they expect that by being kind to people, divinity will erase every difficulty off their lives. Thanks Amina dear. GOD bless you.

  4. Nice piece,truly have learnt one or two things from your writeup. Sincerly We̶̲̥̅̊ need to be kind to one another, ȋ̝̊̅§ a necessity. God help us all. Bravo @ Marilyn!

  5. We should be kind because our Creator is kind to us,we should be kind because we want others to be kind to us. Therefore,kindness is something you do and its an expression of love. Nice article dear.

  6. As I would always say any time any day, I love the ease with which you write, and I also love the depth you bring to play in your write ups. In admiration of it all, i only wish to add a little from my own views and experience. Christ said to the disciples he sent into the world, – Be thee as gentle as the dove, but as wise as the Serpent. Somewhere also in the Bible, speaking of love, the bible also says that we were once seeing things like the Child, but now we know like adults……..I wish to add, that kindness is one of the fruits of love and compassion without which we would not be existing optimally in our gregarious nature as humans. I also believe that a life without deep love and kindness to others is totally empty, bereft of real happiness, and totally ignorant of the twists and turns of fate in life, and equally ignorant of the transient nature and Vanity of life as a whole. Sometimes, kindness would come in form of repreminds, or the ability to withhold all you’ve written above from certain people, in other for them to learn and grow. Sometimes, people conduct themselves as Social liabilities and they never realise it, until the are confronted bluntly by people who jolt them out of their cancerous habits, not by the usual acts of kindness, but by measured acts of seeming wickedness applied with love. Kindness when applied continuously by a sincere ignorant heart, can sometimes be the ultimate act of wickedness when measured by its effects on the long run. Kindness is also a strong deceptive tool in power games. Politicians mete it to subdue and control their environments, men have continously used it to subtly blind women, and leaders have always used it to blind, weaken, subdue and control their military. We should all strive to give and be kind because even without your scheming for power and control, the kinder you are, the more people subject themselves to be controlled. When receiving, it is best to be aware that kindness is a tool for Control, not a play toy, when giving, it is equally good to realise that the best form of begging is by giving so that you can manipulate and direct the higher hands towards you. Lastly, the highest form of kindness is the ability to be blunt to the always needy so that they can wake up and be strong; to sincerely help people who have real problems that are not really self inflicted; to be civil and mature in daily routines, protect your space, and most importantly, to discipline and control yourself so that you are afloat most times irrespective of most unforseens so that while you help, you do not fall into situations where you begin to beg. I believe that sincere love is the greatest form of fulfilment, because it creates a special blessed window through which our hearts relate to this complex world, and simplifies it all into a beautiful whole. But may we not be slaves to the concepts of love and kindness, but rather to open our minds to realilty so that we would actually be kind in the real situations and not to be manipulated into emotional blackmails all in the name of being good and nice. In bowing out, I would end by saying – do not give fish to everyone that trods along in laziness, but rather, sincerely help them through the long lasting rigours of the skills of the hook, but to those who have tried and can not learn to fish, and to those whose situations are real, may we give fish abundantly in acts of kindness. Have a lovely day……….. Mua!..Just thots!

    • ,wow!!! This is a very wonderful contribution. But note that kindness isn’t just about helping the needy and whether you like it or not, the needy will always be among us. The five fingers are not equal and no one has it all. Having to ask for help sometimes doesn’t make one a begger. No one is an island. Thanks once more dear. Thanks for your praises and appreciation. That is so kind. Have a peaceful night.

  7. Henry James said”Three things in human life are important:The first is to be kind,the second is to be kind and the third is to be kind”Its good to be kind. Some people are naturally kind. Some are not.Sometimes people will try to mistake your kindness to weakness,believe me I have been their,but don’t give up the good act of kindness.Just ignore them and continue to be kind.Shine Like a star with your act of kindness.Walk in Love.Nice one Ms.Posh.I love this!Your aticles inspire me Oma.I thank God for you.Two thumbs up!

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