MARILYN ANONA writes: Did they not say that “BY THEIR FRUITS YOU SHALL KNOW THEM?” And when someone is truly blessed and happy, there is no reason for cheap advert, the evidences will be so glaring.

ImageBe mindful of those who are fond of propaganda and always striving to make people believe or think that they are the best or the happiest. Beware of those class of people who always blow their own trumpet… Always talking about how they are the best and almost like living saints and how everything works out for them without stress “laughs out loud”. Stay away from people who feel they are so pure such that they always despise the ones we all perceive as “outrightly bad”. Stay away from such people who always parade themselves as overly blessed, they are usually very sad people. Did they not say that “BY THEIR FRUITS YOU SHALL KNOW THEM?” And when someone is truly blessed and happy, there is no reason for cheap advert, the evidences will be so glaring. You are relaxed and don’t act as if you are in a competition with anyone. So why do you constantly have to hype yourself and advertise unnecessarily that you are a child of GOD or that you are so blessed. If truly you are a child of GOD, highly blessed and you live a principled life, there is no way they can be hidden (A gold fish has no hiding place). Again, If truly you are a child of GOD, you will not despise anyone because he or she has a tattoo or multiple piercing on their body. You will not despise them because you feel they dress indecently and have drinking problems. Because, when you despise, it means you loathe and when you loathe, you can’t effect change. Let’s do less of talking, propaganda and cheap adverts and work on ourselves. Unnecessary self praise and propaganda means you are suffering from a severe case of low self esteem and you need constant attention from people to boost you. Have a heart of love and stop despising people because the truth is, you are not better than them and by despising them, you have failed woefully in your duties as a human being. ***** While you feel so blessed and do adverts because you have a job that gives you #120,000 monthly, there are people who earn as much as #1,200,000,000 monthly and you don’t hear them make noise or make other people feel less. Easy! ***** While you feel so blessed because after 5years of a stressful relationship, you finally succeeded in getting married to him, you should also know that there are ladies out there who their husbands proposed to in the best atmosphere and they had to choose between lots of men. So stop the advert. Easy! *****While you make noise about having a job, some of your mates are Managing Directors and Chief Executive Officers in big companies. Easy! ***** While you make noise about living in a rented 3 bedroom apartment in Maitama, the landlord may be your age mate. Easy! Nobody has it all, so the advert is unnecessary. When you make it big time, believe me you don’t need an advert or hype. Happy Sunday beautiful people. Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!



  1. Yesterday a relation of mine was asking me why I don’t want to get married am like 4yrs older than him and he has a good Job in Abuja,has a beautiful car his mother bought for him after graduation, he is now engage will soon get married.I told him how am happy for him,then he asked me again ‘Hey!how come u don’t want to get married?’I quitely asked him ‘Hey bro!U got any woman for me?!’He said no and kept quite.Lol.Life!People love competition.Sometimes I wonder!Nice one Ms.Posh.This is another compelling case on contentment.Two thumbs up Oma.U re d best!You just touched my heart this morning.Happy sunday.

  2. I agree with you Posh. There’s no need to advertise one’s success for selfish aggrandizement. As a matter of fact I believe that you have not truly succeeded if you have to hype yourself all the time, especially to make others feel less of themselves. An empty vessel makes the loudest sound. Like someone once said “you are not a millionaire until you made another person(s) a millionaire”. So its best to stay true to yourself and your status but there’s nothing wrong with aspiring to be more.

    • Thanks Ugochukwu. I agree with you. If you need to hype to be felt, then you are not yet there. Sure there is nothing wrong with aspiring to be more. Thanks much Ugo. Have a blessed day.

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