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MARILYN ANONA writes: I believe that now is the time to act!!!



I want to talk about the country a little. Our environment affects us in many ways even though most times we may not notice because its not too direct. We all have been complaining for long about the state of the country. But most times, we choose to complain from our homes through Facebook, Twitter< Blackberry Messenger etc. we complain and then sleep and that ends it. I am saying today… Its high time we started acting!
The truth is… No country ever achieved good governance, unless the people demand it. We need a revolution, we need a bloodless one more, we need one regardless. Lots of things are happening and getting worse by the day and we are as usual doing sit down dey tweet or Facebook or sit down dey complain.. There is time for everything. Time to complain and time to act. Time to petition and time to protest. Time to seek sustainable change and time to seek continuity…. I believe that NOW is the time to act!!!
Nigeria needs lots of subsidies not just the oil subsidy but in other areas like Agricultural inputs, unemployment benefits (so that the youths can become self employed), manufacturing industry stimulus etc. European companies receive it and America subsidizes its indigenous businesses all the time. Now to us youths…
Now to my fellow Nigerian youths, No rule says you must work in the bank because you studied Accounting, banking and finance, economics etc! Its time to discover yourself in the 1st place. Outside those courses you studied which you didn’t study because you love but because that is what your score in jamb could give you (this is so in most cases) what can you do? No rule says that because you are a graduate, you must have a white collar job. This thought pattern has compounded issues.
Again, my fellow youths, think of leaving your family house. It won’t be easy to start but remaining there doesn’t help you. You are stuck in your comfort zone and refuse to face reality. Leave and get into the world, suffer and stretch yourself a little. Try!!! Most of us use the smartphones and other gadgets but do not even know how to effectively use them apart from tweeting, using Facebook and the other social media. Let’s learn to use the computer. We all should have a sound knowledge of computer usage at least Basic knowledge. We all should keep on trying and pressing no matter how clumsy our efforts may seem most times. But its better to keep trying and moving slowly than not to try at all.
Its important to know and accept the fact that, We cannot all be leaders. No matter from which angle you look at it, it is impossible. The number of followers will always outnumber leaders. Following is a necessary sacrifice. Sometimes it is an honour. However we can all be good and responsible followers who hold leaders accountable. We should all be responsible and try to effect change even in our small environment. Now please don’t go all religious on me! Faith in GOD alone isn’t enough to make Nigeria better. We have to act as well… For example, you are looking for a job, and your pastor tells you, your miracle job is coming! And you go home, fast, pray and sing and don’t go about submitting your CV. And talking to people. How will that job come when you have not indicated interest to work for any company? Faith without work is dead.
Many of us are talented and gifted with wonderful ideas that can make us super rich and transform lives. Ideas that the masses can benefit from! But having an idea isn’t enough. Most people need a platform to be able to practicalize or use those ideas to better their lives and those of others… The one problem across board is access to funds. This is made even more difficult because we live on the other side of the world. Nonetheless, getting investors is the only way to drive a project. So when you plan that genius idea, always think of how to sell it, or you only have yourself to blame, plus the society is already how it is. It won’t change just so your idea can be executed. While trying to sell your ideas to get investors, always be very sharp because so many are out there who thrive and succeed by taking advantage of people. They may not just disagree to help you, but will steal your idea and utilize it… They have the finance already! You all have a beautiful Monday.
Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!


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2014-03-28 20.41.29 Yes Zara Gretti can trend Nigerian Wide now, smh , shameless, heartless and wicked people of our Nation.  But listen and listen clearly, if your intention of blogging her death news was to gain traffic to your page, NA THUNDER GO FAYA YOU.

But why do we lack love among us? Why are we selfish in this country? Why do we practice this cabal thing everywhere but stand too fast to point fingers to government?

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Did I hear someone asking who this Zara Gretti is? Hold up I will answer that before you pull your senseless unreasonable  joke as usual, Zara is a Nigerian based in the US for a while before she returned back home to do music, popularly known for her hit tune “Abokoku”  produced by Spankie, and few others like “Teno”  which is her last major effort  before her last one produced by Dokta Frabz titled “Yeah”  which never gain bloggers…

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MARILYN ANONA writes: You don’t have to be a genius, a superman, a hero or an activist to know who you are or what your life mission is.

You do not have a job, I mean no source of income at all… You live by asking for alms from people. Now! You have so many piled up and accumulated needs as a result. Such that no matter what amount someone gives to you, its not near being enough to solve your problems. A friend dashes you a small amount say 1000 Naira, you have needs for something as important as a pant (underwear) but you rush off to the grocery instead to buy a packet of cookies worth 650 Naira. Why can’t you place your priorities right? Okay! You have a job, you live in a 3 bedroom flat in Asokoro and you drive the latest range rover sport, G wagon or BMW… Every year, you spend lots of money on rent. You are still a bachelor. The amount you have spent paying for that flat in 3years is enough to get you a very good plot of land in Abuja. Why do you have to live in a 3bedroom flat in the first place as a bachelor without plans of investment? Why can’t you place your priorities right? Most people have this problem. You live with someone and you are not contributing to the rent. You are just squatting! Yet every new gadget or hair in the market you want to have. Most times, folks misplace their priorities either due to myopism, ignorance, outright foolishness or to impress people. Who are you impressing? In the long run what happens? We all should learn to place our priorities right especially those of us who have limited source of income and no financial security yet. We all know that human beings are insatiable but we should try as much as we can to control ourselves and curtail the love and lust we have for certain things. Yes! You only live once but that is no reason to do things with reckless abandon. If you have an idea of where you are going to in life then placing your priorities right comes naturally to you. If you know what it is you can’t take, you see yourself placing your priorities right. Once you know your values, placing your priorities right is compulsory. You don’t have to be a genius, a superman, a hero or an activist to know who you are or what your life mission is. Luckily, this is the time in your life when you get to take the lead, you get to decide what you want out of it. Knowing who you are and what you want can help set you in the right direction, and the earlier you start thinking about your life mission, the easier it is to make the appropriate decisions and plans to reach it. But honesty to one’s self is required. Once you know your mission and goals, be brutally honest with yourself. Are the activities that take up most of your time really moving you towards your goals? If not, it is time to set some priorities that support your goals, and make sure they get plenty of your time and attention. Critically evaluate and analyze everything you do before and while you do them. They could be spending money and time too because placing one’s priorities right isn’t just about finances. To be able to place your priorities right, you should be able to differentiate between: ***** Want and Need. ***** Urgent and Important. Its very easy to be busy. You could have a to do list as big as a dictionary, but the difficult part is choosing to do the most important ones. To live a life of well placed priorities could be very difficult. But that is the best way to become more effective and reach our goals faster with less effort instead of running without direction like a headless fowl. Placing our priorities right gives us a direction and makes us walk calmly towards it. Priorities are not what you say they are. They are what you actually do. So take
a moment to reflect on how you spend your time and your money, what your priorities have been lately, until now. And reflect on whether those are the priorities you want to live. If not, think of how to change the situation as soon as possible. To achieve your set priorities, think them through, don’t make them so difficult and muddled up and try to live them. I know most of us studied Economics as a subject at least in our Junior secondary school. So we should know about the “scale of preference” principle. It helps us to set our priorities right. So apply it in your day to day activities. Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!

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MARILYN ANONA Writes: What are the qualities of a true man or woman? What are those traits that distinguish them from others?

With the high rates of divorce, heart breaks and failed unions between men and women, people are always eager or curious to know if they are with the right person. One thing I know is that there is no formula for a relationship to succeed. What works or worked for A may not work for B. I can only tell you that once you are more than 60% compatible with your partner, the relationship could work if you both compromise and work hard to understand each other. These days, its getting more and more difficult to find the right partner. Those who thought they were through with the search for Mr/Mrs Right, all of a sudden leave their partners due to one or two things they couldn’t bear. Some carry the grudges of the bitter experience they had in their past relationship to the present one making everything so difficult. What are the qualities of a true man or woman? What are those traits that distinguish them from others? If you are asked these questions, would you answer with ease? Now, note this… Whether dating or married your personal life can be greatly improved by looking for or appreciating these qualities. So I don’t want you to think that because you are married therefore everything is perfect and there is no room for improvement. I want you to know that attraction and compatibility are two different things. I am not going to talk about how tall the person is, or the colour of their hair… but you will learn that there are quite a few qualities that are attractive to everyone except those with problems. Let me start by listing the qualities and traits of a true woman. ***** A true woman is very confident and proud of who she is. She appreciates her self and who she is. ***** She is very honest and upfront because she recognizes the destructiveness behind undisclosed expectations.  She’s straight forward and respectful about setting boundaries and the tempo of her relationships early on. ***** She is Independent and very strong. ***** She is patient. ***** She shares the right Amount of drama. She has the right amount of drama to share with her man (Positive and negative).  A great man will be always be there for her (to listen and understand), but there should be a limit. ***** She knows her life purpose and has set goals. ***** She is secure. ***** She is always there for her man. ***** She values a real man. Hmmm! Now time for the men… Are you a true man? Tough question right? Ladies, I would love you tImageo pass this on to guys around you. We need them to be true. ***** A true man is a Leader. ***** He is independent. ***** He is assertive. ***** He handles adversity with dignity. ***** He is always present. ***** He is honest. ***** He has a plan. ***** A true man doesn’t play with your emotions. ***** He is brave. I do not know it all. The list can be longer. So I will appreciate it if you can add your own to the list. Please share your thought. Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!

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MARILYN ANONA writes: Your values and principles will serve as roots that will give you nourishment in times of adversity (when the storm arises).

Image Did you hear about the rose that grew from a crack in the concrete? Proving nature’s laws wrong, it learned to walk without having feet. Funny, it seems to by keeping it’s dreams… it learned to breathe fresh air. Long live the rose that grew from concrete when no one else even cared. Do you know that If we had no dry season, the rainy season would not be so pleasant… if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome. Do you also know that when you leave home to follow your dreams, your road will probably be riddled with potholes, not always paved in happy bricks. You will probably be kicked to the ground 150 million times and told you are nuts by friends and strangers alike. As you progress you may feel lonely or terrified for your physical and emotional safety. You may overestimate your own capabilities or fail to live up to them, and you’ll surely fall flat on your face once in a while. Is there any one of us who doesn’t love smooth waters? Is there anyone who doesn’t love happiness and all the good things of life? We all do. But the truth is, in this journey called life the storm must arise at some point. Yes! We all witness and experience stormy days but in different forms. My question today is, what type of person will you be when this storm comes? Will you be the one who will stick to your values no matter the storm or will you abandon them and just do whatever it is good or bad just to survive or scale through the storm. What kind of role will you play when you encounter challenges? When going through hard times, the questions you choose to ask yourself are key to how what you will focus on and how you will handle the storm. When you know your core and personal values, those questions are easy to answer. Your values and principles will serve as roots that will give you nourishment in times of adversity (when the storm arises). That’s why there is great need for us all to know what our core values are. They make and define us. They help us discover us. They guide us. What are your core values? Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!! 

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MARILYN ANONA writes: Self employment can not rule out the fact that unemployment is the biggest problem in Nigeria.

It started with an advertisement for mass recruitment by the Nigeria Immigration Service. Most people were excited and started applying with hope that they will be called for the test and eventually land the job. But something was surprising, I don’t know if any other person felt same way. The Nigeria Immigration Service is supposed to be a Federal body, was there supposed to be a fee attached to the recruitment?
For me, it is totally wrong for applicants to pay fees no matter how little during recruitment exercises especially the ones organized by the Federal Government Agencies. But millions of Nigerian graduates and youths who applied for this job that doesn’t exist, paid one thousand Naira each. Didn’t they say that employment is free? And whose purse did that money enter? Like most Federal Government jobs, millions applied because these days everyone is clamouring for a Government job as it avails you time and offers you security as opposed to what we had in the past and the private sector where you are not sure of staying till you retire. Federal jobs are now hot cakes!!!
I didn’t want to apply because I do not like uniform jobs and I am simply tired of this mess called “MASS RECRUITMENT”. With observation, I have seen that those who apply for those jobs are only wasting their time. The ones who get those jobs, just sit in the comfort of their sitting room and someone comes to deliver their employment letters. Yes! They get employed without writing any aptitude test or having any interview. But then my Dad kept calling me to remind me to apply. I told him it was sheer waste of time but he couldn’t understand and to obey him, I applied. Several months passed and I even forgot I applied for a job. I got a text message inviting me to write the exam in my preferred location. I was so laid back about the whole thing. No zeal, no preparation quite unlike me. Yes! Why should I be enthusiastic about a pseudo job. I learnt from someone who knows very much about this agencies and ministries that recruitment has been going on. He told me in clear terms that the whole thing was just mere propaganda. He said that those who will eventually work with immigration and its like do not go for the so called exams. Can you imagine the sort of country we live in? What a shame! But let me ask a question… Is it professional for who so ever it is that is in charge of recruitment for Nigeria Immigration service (NIS) to invite millions of Nigerian youths for recruitment exams knowing full well that the spaces available are so few.
Some sources said only 58 people will be employed at the end of the exercise. Another source said 5000. But whether its even 10,000 people to be employed… Why should millions waste their time, energy and even money right from the time of application to the time of writing when the chances of getting the job is so so slim. What is the ratio of 5000 spaces to say 1,000,000 people?
So I woke up on Saturday and sincerely I didn’t want to step out. But my Landlady came knocking. I answered her and the next thing she said was “Nne, won’t you go for the immigration exam?” She is an old woman and she would grossly misunderstand me and tag me unserious if I didn’t go. So I prepared and headed straight to the national stadium. The number of cars and people were just too much. As I stood and watched, hot tears welled up in my eyes. I saw hopelessness, I saw first class struggle that will be fruitless at the end of the day. I saw desperation. I saw despair and I wept for Nigeria. I stood there for a while not knowing what to even do. I was terrified and overwhelmed by the crowd. When eventually the lousy exam officers came and opened the gate, it was RUSH OF LIFE! I said to myself, Posh! you can’t do this!!! I stood watching and watching because I had resolved within me that I will enter till when ever the rush subsides even if it means being the last person. But then, see confusion! People collapsing, people screaming, papers flying… My goodness! the stampede was too much. It was terrible that some people even died in the process and some badly wounded were rushed to different hospitals. Too many papers on the ground being stepped on. Probably the originals of people’s certificates. How sad!!! When we were asked to bring our originals to the venue of the exam, I was so surprised. Why should applicants be asked to come with their originals to the stadium? The exam of yesterday was supposed to be the first process, right? After that who ever succeeds can now be screened. What is wrong with these people? So many people lost their certificates yesterday… So many died… So many got injured… All because of employment issues.
This is not the first time I am seeing such enormous number coming out to write exams… I have witnessed in during ICPC exams and afterwards 2 people who never applied for the job not to talk of writing the test got the job. I have witnessed it at NAFDAC and people were given employment letters even before the exams. I have witnessed it in NIMC, we had to travel from Abuja to Minna. But this is the height! The Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) exam is the worst so far and goes to tell us that things are getting worse.
Why do we have to suffer so much? Why can’t the Government create jobs for at least 60% of the population. We are all talking about being self employed… Yes that is very good! I believe so much in skill acquisition and self employment. But the truth is, there is no way everyone will be self employed. Sincerely, Nigerian youths are trying and are one of the strongest people in the world. Most are already self employed and I tell you that self employment can not rule out the fact that unemployment is the biggest problem in Nigeria. When there is no job creation, how will wealth be created? Will you just wake up one morning and become self employed? Image
Most youths want to learn skills but the money to learn the skill isn’t available. Some who have those skills can not start up because of lack of finance. What is the way out of this mess called unemployment? It is an accumulated problem. 80% of Nigerian youths are not working. And this has affected our value system greatly. The jobs available are few and only those who have the money can buy them. Sometimes, when you have the money, you may even be unfortunate to fall prey to fraudulent people. Most of the people I know who work with good Government establishments paid through their noses to get those jobs. Should we go on like this? What is the way out?
Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!