Meet our “POSH STYLE PERSONALITY” of the week… Ms Nnaji

ImageImageImageImage Genevieve Nnaji is our “POSH STYLE PERSONALITY” of the week . This woman is effortlessly stylish and has almost same fashion sense as I do. Simple and classy are the words to describe her with. Her dressing defines who she is. She doesn’t strive for attention through her dressing but when she enters a room, you will see confidence walking. She is definitely someone to emulate when it comes to fashion. She wears the right thing at the right time, she knows the colour and particular shade that suits her skin complexion. She says Yellow is her best colour and no doubt it suits her real good. Genevieve carries herself in a very mature way. She looks very comfortable in all her outfits. Clothes never too tight, heels not too high such that she walks well in them. Genevieve Nnaji is a trend setter, she doesn’t follow trends. There is always something about her clothes that makes you look twice even when you don’t really like the cloth. I can go on and on. Bottomline is, Genevieve is classy, elegant and beautiful. Ladies should emulate her when it comes to dressing really good. She doesn’t over do



    • Yes very correct Uzo. She is ever young! Her skin is melanin rich. She didn’t bleach so she is safe. Again, she knows she is in show business, she has to always take care of herself so as to remain relevant. We all should emulate those aspects. Thanks dear for your contribution.

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