Majid Michel sparks controversy after saying “Ghollywood doesn’t exist, Nollywood is Africa’s film industry”

Amebo Republik

Award winning actor Majid Michel has sparked controversy after saying ‘there is no Ghollywood, it’s only Nollywood’.

The Ghanaian actor reportedly made the comment on HITZ, a program on ONTV, an entertainment channel which operates under Sound City TV in Nigeria.

The actor declared on the said program that there is nothing like Ghollywood (the name Ghanaians gave their movie industry) but there is only Nollywood in Africa and that it was Nigeria that came up with the whole idea and made it a reality for others to follow.

Some of the questions being raised by his fans are: ‘Does the movie industry in Ghana has a name or is there any industry at all that Ghanaians can boast of?

Was Majid right in his comments on the show? So where, from which movie industry at all did he (Majid) started his movie career if his comments was well understood?

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