Meet our “POSH STYLE PERSONALITY” of the week, Mmesoma Jasmine Anona.

ImageImageMmImageesoma Jasmine Anona is a young beautiful woman with a great sense of style and fashion. She is a student of the University of Ibadan. She is a beauty queen and a model and has graced the front covers of some magazines. To her, fashion is a way of expressing one’s self. She loves to be glamourous and can’t be caught dead looking haggard or under dressed. During her chat with Poshmarilyn, she said she prefers to be over dressed than under dressed anywhere she goes. She is a native of Abagana, Anambra state Nigeria and her passion is charity. She loves to help the needy and nurse the sick and already she is one of the co founders of an NGO which takes care of that aspect of life. She hopes to venture into it full time when she graduates from school. She stressed that dressing indecently doesn’t mean dressing good. She has a simple but great sense of style. Youths should emulate her. Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!

mmesoma anona
mmesoma anona

mimi anona
mimi anona

jasmine anona
jasmine anona



  1. Jasmine is a woman of good character,I love her swag,she got the style.Because Jasmine have set a value on her self she is always releasing Charism everywhere she goes.yea!She s all that.Her beauty is amazing.With her gorgeous smile and inteliigence the sky is not her limit but a starting point.Two thumbs for you Jasmine.*wink*Ride on gurl I dey ur back!Nice one loving this!

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