MARILYN ANONA writes: Some singles can be reluctant to voice that they will like to be set up.


Personally I won’t like to be connected to someone to date. Yes! I simply don’t like it and I don’t have any difficulty having men woo me but I love to match make people. Some of my friends call me”MATCH MAKER”. It gives me joy to do that and most of the time, those relationships that came into existence as a result of my “MATCH MAKING” even blossom and become better than my own relationship… Hehehe! Match making isn’t a bad thing because the truth is, some people are not so lucky when it comes to finding dates. Some men are timid and can’t walk up to a woman they like to woo her. While some women don’t get men chasing after them, even when they do, its usually not the men they would want to date. So they ask their friends to match make them. On some occasions, I have had some guys who made passes at me but can’t have me make statements like, “ok! Marilyn,since I can’t have you, link me to a girl just like you”. These are the few instances that can call for match making. So If you are in the business of match making or trying to match make a friend, its not a bad thing. Many wonderful relationships came about through match making. But before you go into match making, there are certain things to do to ensure that it ends up successful. Consider the following steps. 1. First of all, you have to seek permission from the person you are trying to match make. Don’t assume that they need a partner simply because the person is always alone. The person may not be in a relationship but not just ready to date at the time.
2. Be sure you know this friend of yours who you are trying to match make. You should know what he or she likes (ie mentally, physically, socially). This will help you know who his or her ideal match is or will be like. If your friend hates men or women who drink, then trying to hook them up with a habitual drinker is gross.
3. Make sure the reason for match making those two people is a genuine one. Don’t be selfish. Don’t match make someone because he is a problem to the family. There are instances of some men who are probably the black sheep of their home. They get to a certain age and the family starts looking for a wife for him at all cost. Now they won’t let the lady in question know about the man’s. waywardness. That’s not a good one. Be sure that your motive for match making is pure and transparency should lead.
4. Now when you have found a match, help out your friend by making the first outing a group date. This type of gathering will lighten the stress of meeting someone new. It also gives both of them a chance to mingle with others if they fail to attract.
5. Ask to know how the whole match make thing went. Whether the two of them are happy. Get feedbacks. Ask your friend how he or she feels about the man or woman you introduced to them.
Match making is good. I think its a loving gesture to a friend you care about. This is easier if your friend has asked for your help. If he or she hasn’t, ask before you proceed. Some singles can be reluctant to voice that they will like to be set up. But some people don’t want you to do this. Maybe they don’t want to date right now, maybe they prefer to keep their friends and their dating life separate, or maybe they are just wary of the inevitable weirdness if their friend sets them up with someone they find unattractive. Whatever the case is, follow the steps I have outlined and everything will go well. Match make today! Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!



  1. I think, its a well come idea, but sincerely, the patners always have this, “fear of the unknown or the outcome” They tend to study themselves while indirectly pretending to one another, in some cases they keep comparing the present to the past or forgone relationships hence they crash. I would admit also that it does work if handled maturedly…. Nice

    • Yes Glory i totally agree with you. There could be tension as the people involved maybe worried about whether the person they are being linked to may find them desirable or attractive. Thanks for your contribution dear.

  2. Well some match making stuff actually work I have a couple of friends who wia match maked with a guy and they are living happily now.

  3. Match-making has two sides to it, but being matched-made offers more pros to on-line dating if you asked me, However, although there are certainly many success stories from happy couples who met online, the Internet is not right for everyone in search of love. For one, it can difficult to tell if someone is being completely honest on their dating profile. Also, putting yourself out there online can expose you to unwanted attention from other users.

    • Thanks much Ekere. Though I wasn’t talking about internet connection this time. I was talking specifically about friends linking up friends. But your contribution is well on point. Thanks.

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