MARILYN ANONA writes: So I am asking today, “what is the significance of oral sex” in a relationship.

ImageI remember hearing something from a friend sometime ago. She said, if you are in a relationship and you don’t do oral sex with your partner, it means your relationship isn’t serious. Of course I disagreed with her and we had a heated argument about that topic. I also watched a Nollywood movie where the relationship and love lives of some couples was the focal point. One man was unfaithful to his wife and the reason why he cheats according to him is because his wife doesn’t subscribe to oral sex. Hehe! Oral sex has now become so important. So I am asking today, “what is the significance of oral sex” in a relationship. Oral sex refers to oral (mouth and tongue) stimulation of the genitals. Fellatio is the Latin term for oral stimulation of the male genitals; cunnilingus is the Latin term for oral stimulation of the female genitals. Anilingus (sometimes called “rimming”) refers to oral-anal contact. So I repeat my question, what is the relevance of oral sex? Does it mean your partner doesn’t love you simply because you don’t do oral sex? Is. It enough to dissolve your relationship? Is it enough reason for unfaithfulness in a relationship? Is it a normal or an abnormal practice? Let’s share our thoughts. Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!  


  1. Well as much as oral sex looks very unpopular in Africa I will want to say it’s very important in every relationship. Some argue that it’s a sexual culture of d white man but I beg to disagree because either black or white we all have d genital points that are responsive to stimuli… Some relationship hit d rock when d sexual relationship is not sound and strongly believe that oral sex help to sustain it cos it facilitates orgasm…

  2. It cos some said it causes mouth cancer and some find it difficult to do dat so is a personal interest if ur partner don’t do it,it means his or her spirit don’t like it cos sex comes from de mind and soul wen ur so inlove ‘ oral sex or whteva can’t break u away form wht u feel for ur partner and anyway I ve not had sex b4 so its a choice of one another….

  3. Oral sex ƒσя ♍ε‎​ shld be α compromise btw †нε 2 in †нε r/ship. If U̶̲̥̅̊ want ² get some U̶̲̥̅̊ shld be ready ² give full measure. ℓ̊ know most dudes who want ladies ² go down south but won’t reciprocate its α 2way street. My advice ² any1 whose gf/bf isn’t into oral sex but wants 1 is ² show †нεm αη∂ let †нεm decide if †нε experience isn’t worth α 2nd drive. Interesting subject ² take on, Kudos ☑ ☑ ☑

  4. Well to me I fink it aint the yardstick at which a relationship can be successful but I subscribe to the notion that it has to b reciprocal and also there must be mutual understanding amongst both parties, trust me if girl or dude like oral and u love her men I think you should practice it cuz nothing spoils the spice in a relationship than one party feel less satisfied with his or her lover… Bottom line is, its not a relevant in a relationship but its necessary and important where it becomes a focal point or yearning cry from either parties for their desire for it, mehn… Any relationship without real satisfaction is enslavement, and you will definitely wanna break free….. If ur partner loves it den practice if you guys are cool without it cool, love is about sacrifice.

  5. I think oral sex is very key in every relationship. Though some of us think is UNGODLY, while some people will say is not our culture as Africans. One of the important factor that motivates oral sex is neatness. When your partner is neat and always smells good u won’t hesitate to give him or her a mind blowing oral sex…it should be a give and take thing. Oral sex is key in every relationship, but not an ample reason to dissolve ur relationship when u don’t get it from ur partner…. Good work my British Lady posh.

    • Thanks very much my dear Maria. You have taken your time to give a reasonable contribution. Love has to do with compromise. Again, neatness is another good point! Its compulsory and dissolving a relationship on account of that isn’t good. Thanks dear. Have a sweet day.

  6. Oral sex is a good way to be intimate in a relationship but it is by no means “important” in the relationship. If you don’t want to have it, don’t.

  7. Sexual satifaction is essential to sustain a health marrital relationship. If oral sex gives for maximum sexual satisfaction and since it has been proven safe on good hygiene, couples should endeavour to reach a compromise in this regard, to sustain their relationship especially in the case when one enjoys it more than the other.

  8. Before I say any other thing…is that your picture at the top…beautiful woman!
    Ehen, as per the matter at hand, oral sex just like kissing, foreplay or actual sex is just a way of enjoying each other in a relationship/marriage. If my partner enjoys it then I see no reason why I shouldn’t make effort to give her the best oral sex (even if I don’t like doing it, u’ve gotta make sacrifices in a relationship, innit?).
    However, if your partner doesn’t like giving you a head or if it makes he/she uncomfortable, then you guys should talk about it and reach some sorta common ground. It shouldn’t be grounds for a breakup. Dazall!

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