ASIEL CONSULT: Suit 5, Plot 34 Ladoke Boulvard, beside Karibu Hotels,Opp. Leisure Park, Garki 2, Abuja TEL: 07036197200, 08036740696,08133903269

Asiel Consult, Titus 2
Suit 5, Plot 34 Ladoke Boulvard, beside Karibu Hotels,Opp. Leisure Park, Garki 2, Abuja
TEL: 07036197200, 08036740696,08133903269
We humbly request to partner with you in the corporate administration of your
company and on other related matters.
ASIEL CONSULT is duly registered in compliance with part B of the Company and
Allied Matters Act (CAMA).
We provide secretarial services and liaison office to companies, business names and
incorporated trustees within the country.
Our head office, situate at Garki 2, Abuja is well stationed to ease and hasten your
statutory fillings and other secretarial and cooperate duties.
We therefore invite you to take advantage of our location, diligent staff and reliable
network for the effective administration and speedy growth of your business.
Kindly find attached details of our services and firm’s profile.
Thank you, as we anticipate your response and offer you our best wishes for your continuing success.
Yours faithfully,
Asiel Consult
Suit 5, Plot 34, Ladoka Akintola Boulvard, Besides Karibu Hotel Opp. Leisure Park Garki 2, Abuja.
Tel. NOs. Land line: O9-2916461,
e-mail add:,
GSM: 08036740696, 07036197200, 080133903269.
ASIEL CONSULT provides both structural and professional services to individuals and companies.
In structural services, we assume a special department of your company with specific
responsibilities especially in respect to formal or specified duties; collection and exchange of
information and correspondence. Upon subscription to our services, ASIEL CONSULT acts as a
liaison office to your company here in Abuja. We will be ultimately responsible for the handling of
mails in a single office, systematically and efficiently, in order to have the correspondence quickly
available for distribution, under your authorization.
Asiel consult provides professional service as an External Secretary. We are already familiar with
Corporate Affairs and other services available here in Abuja and we encourage our clients and
partners to take full advantage of our location, proficient staff and timely responses. We receive a
number of files from across the states, we are most committed to effective delivery of any
assignment given within reasonable time, and this is because, with continued practice, we can now
stately advice on;
Eligibility of names
The need for proficiency letter
Incompatible object clauses
Post incorporation alterations and fillings etc.

Against these possibilities, we have developed a format to meet any likely problem in order to avoid
queries and delays that may likely arise on filling.
As external secretary, Asiel Consult may be preferred in its services chiefly because of its ability to
absolve and dissolve the pressures arising from multiple responsibilities due to most secretaries,
within a short period of time.



We will, as part of our incentives and continuing efforts to keep our clients and partners up to the
minute, be pleased to provide you, without a charge, copies of our publications, or publications in
which we are part of or contributed to, or such other publications that we may consider useful to
your company (practice). On subscribing to our services, you will be receiving, as part of our regular
services and where appropriate, recommendations and observations (in our good judgment) on
matters your policies and practices should contemplate, affect, especially on current matters.
You may wish to contact us for further details or reciprocal arrangement, through our contacts first
above written.


Rachael Anekwe:

A public administrator, and a public policy analyst. Rachael
Anekwe has successfully carried out a research on public
policy evaluation and determination of the impact of policy on
market economy. She is astute and versatile in policy regime.
She is chiefly responsible for secretarial administration and
corporate management.
Ifunanya Anona LLB, HON, BL
Is a corporate lawyer. She specialized on Oil and Gas Law,
currently carrying out a field work on:
The legal frame work of revenue and tax laws in Nigeria. She has
carried out several workshops and seminars on the corporate
governance of companies viz a viz the responsibility of
Corporate Affairs Commission. She is resident in Abuja.
Simon Daniel:

Simon Daniel is an industrial psychologist, a coach, a trainer, a
team player and a public speaker. He can advice on the
effective and efficient human resources administration. Simon
has successfully completed a work on The Value of an Employee
in a corporate establishment and other texts essential in
human resource development.
Zainab Mohammed:

Zainab is a diplomat. She holds a degree in international
relations and diplomacy. She is skilful in negotiation between
companies, group, and individuals inter se, specially keen in
dealings and communication with news media when seeking
publicity. She can competently represent your company’s
interest in any negotiation.


Olakunle Osabgemi:

He is a journalist, a seasoned researcher, a critic. He has a good
background in executive search in critical role in shaping the
strategic direction of a research approach in a firm
Aguinam Titus:

He is chiefly responsible for the attention and care of
customers and clients. He takes charge of duties of assembling
complaints from customers and channel them through the
appropriate route for considerations and reciprocal actions.



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