MARILYN ANONA writes: Why do we like doing things we won’t bear when its done to us to other people?


And her personal message on Blackberry Messenger was “I cannot share my man with anybody” I was scrolling through my phone and saw this message and I quickly reacted to the personal message even though it wasn’t my business but I was shocked at how humans behave. They always seem to forget too quick and that’s because we are too selfish and myopic. Nobody ever wants to share his or her spouse/partner with anybody. We naturally love to guard what we possess jealously. That is why even in polygamous marriages, there is always a problem between co-wives. And I overheard a man saying the other day that the first reaction of a man who catches another man in bed with his wife is to kill. That’s to tell you that no one, man or woman loves to be cheated on. But the hold on, If the law of Karma really does exist, then some people should not be putting up such “personal messages”. Yes! When you do some kind of things, you should be willing to reap what you have sown. I think that’s fair enough, isn’t it? About for months ago, I had a lengthy discussion with the same lady who put up that message about how impossible it would be for her to share her man. I was telling her how dignified and honourable it is to live a decent and responsible lifestyle and to manage what ever one has which becomes possible when we cut our coat according to our clothe. She saw me as one “big babe” like most people usually think, probably that’s the reason she befriended me “laughs out loud” I took time to tell her a little about me and encouraged her to stop most things. She bluntly told me “babe, you dey try o, I no fit be like you o”. Now, during the course of my conversation with her, she told me she can’t leave married men because they are the sure source of money unlike most young guys who are still single. So when I saw that “personal message” I told her bluntly that she should not put up such a message because what she does to other women will be done to her. The funny thing is, she totally forgot our conversation. She said “posh, did I sleep with your husband?” I then reminded her about the conversation and she wanted to blackmail me by saying I was judging her “laughs out loud” I told her, I don’t even judge people. I am only reminding you. You are not married yet, but you can’t bear the thought of your man with another woman, yet you are always with other women’s husbands. She quickly changed the “personal message”. Why do we like doing things we won’t bear when its done to us to other people? That’s my question. Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!



  1. Lol! Funny, thank God you told her the truth, wether she likes it or not her husband must share her with oda women coz she does that to oda women! Its kama, and if she wants a safe mood, she beta stop chasing oda women’s husbands’ gbam!

  2. Obviously people tend to forget dat if u pointed a finger at someone d remaining 4 comes back to d person but I don’t blame such people,though,they’re just a selfish type,why will a lady thinks her hubby will be hers totally while she dates “big men” dat has their wives too,dat must be d “joke” of d millenium. I believe so much n d law of karma and lastly I think we “nigerians”negativity than positivity n relationships nowadays! Dats why we got lots of broken homes everywhere….selfish interest affecting such people, thanks posh n have an awesome day.

  3. Whatsoever you sow,you shall reap,that the fact.whether she likes it or not she will reap what she ȋ̝̊̅§ sowing,the truth ȋ̝̊̅§ bitter but ȋ̝̊̅§ the fact#. Bravo Posh!

  4. Most pple forget †нα† wot goes around comes back around. Interesting topic today. ℓ̊ hope we wud Αℓℓ rmb †нα† karma is α cruel b**ch αη∂ always comes back ² bite us wen we least expect.

  5. LOL, quite an intresting piece. But I dnt blame her tho; tis natural feeling for evryone to guard his partner jelously..even animals including chickens do. But one tin is wat goes around, comes around…I hope she’ll be able to bear d fruits of wat she’s planting

    • Thanks dear Ladygrasha for your staight forward opinion and contribution. I don’t thinkshe will be able to bear or reap the fruits because she will be able to do so, she would not ve forgotten easily about her games and put up such a Personal message. Do have a lovely day dear.

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