MARILYN ANONA writes: To you, things may seem wonderful in the lives of your loved ones, but that doesn’t mean they actually are.

This happens mainly to people in their 20s when a majority of those in their age group are getting married, establishing a career, having kids, buying a house, graduating from college, and travelling etc. Although many are choosing to settle down later than ever before, not having a ring on their finger or not even having a boyfriend is one of the biggest reasons 20-something women are feeling left behind. For the men, its mostly the thought of not being anywhere in terms of career that makes them feel left behind. So “feeling left behind” happens to both gender.
But, dear ones, things are not always as they seem. To you, things may seem wonderful in the lives of your loved ones, but that doesn’t mean they actually are. Your married friend could be on the verge of divorce or may not be willing to divorce yet is living in hell, the friend with the perfect job may hate it so much because of so many factors and the classmate who just bought a beautiful house could just have so many issues that when you are asked to swap places with him or her, you will refuse. Just because others seem to have what you want, doesn’t mean it’s actually in the way you would want it and it doesn’t mean your life is at a standstill or that you are left behind! Having what you want doesn’t guarantee happiness….
You could get married and have all you want, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to make you happy. You just think it would because that’s what we all want to happen. It’s true what they say about attracting the right relationship and partner when you are happy with yourself. When you are happy with your life, you put yourself in a situation to choose what’s best for you rather than just filling a place out of want… for example, by choosing a smart, handsome guy who adores you, but who you later realize you are not in love with but only started dating because you just wanted a boyfriend, then you find yourself cheating, so what’s the need? You may not have everything you want right now, but rather than focus on what you don’t have, be genuinely happy with what you do have and you will put yourself in a better position for other positive things to happen.
Things can change at anytime as long as you are not just folding your arms and waiting for MANNA to fall from the sky… This is for the guys who think their lives are standing still and they are left behind because of their career. What you may think might never happen could occur at any time. You could go from having no prospects to blowing up! Yes its very possible… For the Ladies, There are women who got married at 20, but got divorced by 30 or have not conceived since they got married; then there are those who broke up with their long-term boyfriend in their late 20’s, got married to someone new at 30, and stayed with that guy for life and gave birth exactly 10months after the wedding, so that’s life! For the guys, There are men who got established in their career as early as 24, but got re trenched from their job as early as 28. And another guy whose career kicked up at 32 works till old age and keeps progressing. Again, that is life for you! Please, get the message right… I am not in anyway saying anyone should be relaxed in adverse situations but what I am saying is that feeling left behind worsens your situation and will make you stay much longer in that situation because it will make you wallow in untold self pity which drags you behind the more. It’s not a good feeling when it seems like you are lagging behind everyone else in your life, but I know that when you are more focused on the positive things in your life while still working hard(for the guys) and open for love to happen(for the ladies), that’s when things usually fall into place. Most importantly, we all should accept it! Life gives us things when we are ready for them and need them rather than when we want them…. I hope I have touched someone’s life today. Don’t feel left behind, don’t get depressed because you have put in all your best and things are not working the way you want them just yet. Believe me, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Que sera,sera. Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!



  1. This article is qite interesting,you know is appauling to we youths presentely,no one seem’s to be patient in archieving their goals in life.But honestly is not suppose to be so ,we want to archieve everything sharp sharp,without getting prepared and ready for the emmotional,mental,physical,and financial implication,individual stars are not the same,some are programed in archieving their goals early stage of their lives,while others later stage,All we need to do is to always be happy for the archievement of others even if they happened to be our age mates,course mates,class mates,colegues in the hoffice or same womb concieve’s .we do not have to follow our society syndrome of archieving all that our friends have archieved within a twinkle of an eye,it does not work that way.Be happy wherever you find yourself because millions are praying to be were u are.

    • Well said Love! Someone truly desires to be in our present state. We should all take things easy and not kill ourselves before our time. Thanks dear for a wonderful contribution.

  2. I must say this is very encouraging & inspiring too…,because sincerely,life is different strokes for different folks…but we must all give thanks to God for what we have now to pave way for the more blessings that is to come in the future…So Thanks a lot for the motivation,Ms. Posh…

  3. Inspiring! Its greener@ the other side of the fence like my pastor will always tell us.. I encourage everyone to be content with what God has given us individually,he has program us all to function in diffferent capacity,time,pace and stuffs,some people are late developers,while some are early achivers,in all,if you don’t follow how God has destine for you,there will be problem. So stay connected to God,stay focuse,be@ peace with all men. God bless y’all.. Hvee

  4. We should learn to be patient with ourselves. Recognizing our strengths and our weaknesses, we should strive to use good judgment in all of our choices and decisions, make good use of every opportunity, and do our best in every task we undertake. We should not be unduly discouraged nor in despair at any time when we are doing the best we can. Rather, we should be satisfied with our progress even though it may come slowly at times.We should be patient in developing and strengthening our testimonies.

  5. Thanks porsh for the massage ,coming across this article is helping more to get over the deepression I went through last year based on this issues writen in this article ,God bless you! One love

  6. So true! Jst as the English adage says..Its not how far but aw well ¤¤¤¤ whenever anyone rises į̸s its own morning,so we shouldn’t get depressed seeing our peers move ahead of us. In destiny there į̸s no competition! That Ɣ☺U̶̲̥̅̊ got there before me doesn’t make Ɣ☺U̶̲̥̅̊ †ђξ BEST! It only makes Ɣ☺U̶̲̥̅̊ †ђξ FIRST momentarily! Kudos!! Posh

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