MARILYN ANONA writes: Hope the sunshine of the New Year fall upon you and free you from your negativity

happy new year
happy new year
The year 2014 has finally come and its running with great speed already. Wow! today is 3rd of January already, and before we know it, 2014 is over again. The new year is a very important and significant time in everyone’s life. During this time, NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS are made. Most people plan and hope to change some aspects of their lives. Some will plan to drop bad habits, Some set new goals, some plan on changing jobs and developing their career, some dissolve their relationships, while others nourish theirs. Other people may decide to relocate to new apartments or simply repaint their homes. For most people, the new year is seen as a time of new beginning. A time to correct errors etc. Happy New Year messages are the best way to send across your thoughts on the occasion of the New Year.
It is not easy to your feelings into words. But we just try to hoping that our friends will be happy at our wishes. So I am wishing all the readers, visitors, contributors and followers of a prosperous 2014. *** May you get all that you have ever dreamed for, may your life get off the rugged terrain and land on flowerbeds. Wishing you the best of all the happiness. Happy New Year !!!
*** Hope the sunshine of the New Year fall upon you and free you from your negativity and fill you till the top with only positive energy. Hope this positive energy is enough to last all year. Wishing you a great year ahead. *** Work towards your goals with more hard work and dedication and turn your new year into a productive one. This is my wish for you. Have a fantastic year. GOD bless you all… Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!


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