MARILYN ANONA writes: A bad habit can be very detrimental to your life.

Good morning my beautiful friends, I hope your holiday was a peaceful one. I hope my Muslim friends really enjoyed their holiday because yesterday was specially mapped out for them. My holiday was very good that I almost forgot yesterday was Tuesday. I woke up today thinking its Sunday “laughs out loud”. What I will talk about today is still in line with “NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS” but this time it focuses specifically on dropping bad habits. I have discovered that most of the resolutions people make in a new year are mainly about changing or dropping bad habits. A bad habit can be very detrimental to your life. You will keep falling into its trap till it becomes a second nature and you won’t even notice it such that when terrible events happen in your life, you will wonder how they all came about without realizing that you set them up by indulging in bad habits. Nip these bad behaviors in the bud before they grow beyond control. Now, when we talk about “BAD HABITS” most people narrow it down to things like drinking, smoking, womanizing etc. We forget that things like procrastination, saying yes to everything, self doubt, living in the now without plans for the future, all manner of unhealthy addiction which include shopping all the time, being in the hair salon three times a week, TV addiction, social Media addiction are also bad habits and we neglect them therefore doing nothing to stop them. This should not be so… Of all the things I listed out, I am so guilty of Social Media Addiction. I am a very private person, going out is a task for me and I find a lot of solace in solitude such that my best friend is my phone. All my friends live in my phone, “laughs out loud” its so bad that even when my phone is charging, I am sitting close to it and pressing the buttons. When the network goes bad I become miserable. But the first thing I did in this new year was to first make sure I don’t charge my phone close to my bed anymore. And right now I am trying to at all cost cut down on my phone addiction and trying to go out often. Trying to drop a bad habit is not an easy task I agree, because in as much as those habits are bad, they allow you multitask for example, cooking while chatting on your phone. They also add predictability to your life and help keep you in your comfort zone.
It’s much easier to repeat behaviours that you have done over and over again than to learn new ones. That is where bad habits can become your downfall. So for this reason alone, we must get rid of them bad habits. The first step is to admit that yes! This is a bad habit. For example, I will not spend my whole day chatting and gossiping on my blackberry and expect manna to fall from the sky. I will not over work my liver… Good bye to Jack Daniel. The second step is to take full responsibility for that bad habit and not find excuses or reasons why you do them. Because believe it or not, there will always be reasons positive or negative. For example, I drink to forget my worries… But does drinking make the worries go? No! It postpones it and even adds more problem to your life. The third step is to analyze the short term benefit of that habit and compare it to the long term. That way, you will see you advising yourself to stop that habit. The fourth step is not to put your entire fingers in your mouth at the same time. Its more feasible to start with breaking one habit. Than wanting to break all your bad habits at the same time. Please achieve the “ONE POINT AGENDA.” Then proceed to others. The final step is not allowing a minor flop or mistake to deter you. When you indulge during the process of trying to drop a bad habit, do not use it as an opportunity to drop the entire process. Continue and in the end, your aim will be achieved. I hope that with this piece I have inspired someone. Thanks for always being there. BE ENLIGHTENED! BE INSPIRED!! BE MOTIVATED!!!



  1. Ofcourse you have Marylin, you always do, I know I have learned a thing or two from this piece but I will try to put it in action.

  2. I just entered this site for the first time,and guess what,you have made my day………much thanks to you poshmarilyn

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