MARILYN ANONA writes: our main CHRISTmas tradition is travelling to our various hometowns to celebrate with our relatives. Afterall, east west, HOME IS THE BEST!

Its that time of the year again. CHRISTMAS is finally here. A season that everyone looks forward to right from January. Its meant to be a celebration for the CHRISTIANS but it is more of a global celebration because of the time its being celebrated. CHRISTMAS is celebrated on every 25th of December in most part of the world and naturally, being the end of the year, even non CHRISTIANS participate in the celebration, consciously or unconsciously. CHRISTMAS is meant to be the celebration of the birth of our LORD, JESUS CHRIST. But most people hardly remember that because like I earlier said, it marks the end of another hectic year of hustling and bustling. In Nigeria, CHRISTMAS is basically about catching up and reuniting with family and friends who we have not seen in a long time. Ironically, the CHRISTMAS holiday is the shortest holiday in Nigeria but our brains make us feel its long because of the excitement. That feeling of excitement makes us feel psychologically that a break of less than one week is up to a month.
During this period, people troop in and out of different markets shopping endlessly as if its the end of the world. The cost of most items increase. The traders call this “season”, hehe! If you visit a typical Nigerian market at this time example, Wuse market here in Abuja, Onitsha main market, Lagos market, sorry will be your name. The sort of stress you will pass through trying to buy what you need is indescribable. Growing up, I usually wondered why my mum buys our CHRISTMAS clothes like 3 weeks or 1month before the time. Now as an adult I understand better. Not just about the rush or the price hike, the worst is that during this period, you may not even be able to find what you need as almost every nice thing has been taken. So the best thing is to shop in advance for what you need to avoid being stranded. You don’t want to be in a mess because believe it or not, its a time to “SHOW OFF” by most folks that’s why those who aren’t buoyant enough don’t bother travelling. Abuja all of a sudden feels like a deserted land. Most people have travelled down especially the IGBOS who don’t joke with this season. So our main CHRISTMAS tradition is travelling to our various hometowns to celebrate with our relatives. Afterall, east west, HOME IS THE BEST! Yes, its very important we should all be with our loved ones at this season. We have been working hard from January to November. Its only fair we spare a few days for our family and friends. Last year, I almost didn’t travel because of work. I travelled at the peak of the rush and got to Anambra state almost at mid night but I was very glad I did. If I had not gone for CHRISTMAS, I would not have seen my mum and would not have had those last memories of her. Continue to rest in peace mum. It hurts that we won’t be spending CHRISTMAS with you again. But I will try to fill in the gap by cooking all those delicious meals you usually cook for Dad and my siblings. I know we all are ready for the celebration. Some have travelled and some are yet to travel. I want to wish you a very BEAUTIFUL CHRISTMAS. Its going to be a joyful one for all of us in JESUS name. Finally, I want you to tell us how and where you will be spending your CHRISTMAS holidays. Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!



  1. First, lemme wish y’all a merry xmas and a prosperous new year! Xmas is a time when u hook up with ur loved ones especially Family, its time when u all come together regardless of the distance, well, let me say for my family, its a tradition for us to come together and celebrate. Really we have all lost d sight of what xmas should be about, we all think its a time to eat rice and chicken with Family and friends and forget to actually celebrate Christ. Let’s all take our time to actually celebrate Christ this season with our loved ones. Thanks Posh for this write up! God bless u darling! And I’m so so sorry about ur Mom, may her soul continue to rest in d bossom of the Lord. And plz send my rice and Chicken o! Once again, I wish y’all a merry xmas and a properous and wonderful new year! Cheers…..

  2. Merry Christmas dear, Christmas should be a time where we do what the season represents, the birth of “Love”, we should take time out to show love to those without, for me it’s time to reflect God more in the midst of the partying et al.

  3. Firstly,I wish everyone happy xmas n prosperous nu year in advance. going out has always been an adventorous experience anytime but I choose to stay home dis xmas wit my hommies. More or less like a mini party! But just having fun at home dats all, I pray almighty GOD grant ur sweet mum eternal rest! She’s no more bt her legacy lives on…

    • Thanks very much Asumah. The reverse is the case for me. I plan going out this time . I am an indoor person and it sucks. I pray I go out this time. Have a merry Christmas dear.

  4. Hmm you’re quite right Marylin but I’m not still into the whole idea of travelling “home” for christmas, anyway that’s my opinion, I’lll be spending it here in Lagos but I’ll definitely go out and have fun

  5. This is wishing you (Ms Posh) a graceful CHRISTmas celebration and also wishing same to your faithful and ardent readers..May the reason for this season not ellude you..This is a time to share L♥√ع, care and fellowship with all around you, make sure these is practically done wherever you are..I celebrate you..

    My CHRISTmas Holiday (tho short) will be spent in the capital city of Abuja in the company of family & friends.

  6. Like Emman Asumah Sowphii I also wish to stay back here in Kd this christmas,not a fan of going to villa for Christmas.Guess we have something in common sowphii.wink.Really sorry about ur mum Ms.Posh.its well dear.Merry Christmas guys.Love u all!*two thumbs up*

  7. Nice…so true; wanna wish u Mailyn a wonderful Christmas celebration; so sorry for d loss of ur mum but hey;mk sure u have fun. I have a secret: I still do christmas hair o;nd dis year..I’m wearin christmas clothe and shoe sef;hehehe that’s ma tradition. Spendin it in Lagos this year; cnt wait to explore the place. Merry Christmas miss; nice writin; I sure missed ur write ups wen I was in Maiduguri

    • Makes the two of us dear Lady Grasha. I still make my Christmas hair, buy Christmas shoe and clothes. Its compulsory. Awwww, what were you doing in maidugiri. Thank GOD you are safe. Merry Christmas dear.

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