Bread is loved and eaten by almost all NIGERIANS. personally, I am not a huge fan of bread as i can go for days or even weeks without remembering or eating bread but when I see good bread such as the ones baked by “NEXT CASH AND CARRY” Abuja, I will eat to the point of overfeeding.
I have always been scared of most of these bread sold on the road especially those ones without labels. Most times, when I say i don’t eat them, my friends will say I form a lot. They simply do not understand.
In NIGERIA, buying bread is almost a tradition for anyone who has gone on a journey or trip. You hear people say “welcome! wey bread?” when the person returns. But I am one of the few people who will never buy a loaf of bread on the road. I even learnt that sometimes when these loaves of bread have stayed beyond their shelf life, some of these bread dealers go as far as cleaning the mucous on the bread with wet rags and repacking them again and unsuspecting and ignorant consumers buy and eat them exposing themselves to food poisoning. This is very unfair and the height of wickedness.
But my picture is obviously at the bakery. What do you think about the picture?



  1. I suspect the loaves in this picture are condemned ones. However, I’ve observed that most businesses/business owners in Nigeria always try to cut corners in a bid to make more profit and by so doing compromise on quality. This is not peculiar to bakers alone, it cuts across almost every facet of Nigeria (esp contractors). Everyone wants a quick buck with little or no regard for quality or durability.

    • Thanks so much for a nice contribution. Well said, but do you think a bakery would have so much damaged bread? It looks to me like someone is lying down on loaves of bread yet to be packaged.

  2. We all know about all dese.. Somtimes I b’lieve dat if d bread isn’t handled d way it is,it mite end up nt bein sweet.. By d way, “DUTTY Ɲo DEY KILL BLACKMAN” 😀

  3. The picture is not funny at all.Makes one abhor bread.Anyway pray this is not what happens @Cash and Carry bakery, Vynarra bakery,Grand Square bakery.However generally this is not good and such bakery should be closed down.

    • Thanks Ada Fidel, but I can tell you that doesn’t happen in next cash and carry. You watch them bake and itcomes out hot.there is none left to get cold not to talk of staying on the counter. That’s why they don’t distribute their bread to shops to sell. All these road side food are so risky.

  4. Wow! Dats a very crazy pic and I can’t really understand dis our nation anymore,frm one wahala to another…am speechless!

  5. Looooooooooooool…. This guy is a fool oo.. He ought to be sentenced to life imprisonment cause he has indireclty commited murder .. looooool

  6. The picture is only but a tip of the iceberg of what goes on behind the scenes, the rate at which most business risk the life of their potential prospects at the expense of profit. the sole focus should be setting of practices & standards for the preservation of health, now if all the people that should buy and patronize the business fall ill etc who will buy from you again? do we really take that into consideration when compromising quality for profit etc etc, the primary sole of venturing into any business should be to offer quality and effective service delivery, and not to make money at the expense of people’s health, What if that same “compromised” product is bought as a gift for your relations.

  7. I think its ok, I don’t like buying anything from roadside vendors, I just imagine the worst ’cause I’ve seen the worst but bread is a neccessity for me, just that the ones from the roadside vendors are a “no no”

    • Wow! Sophia thinks the picture is okay. If the picture is okay dear, why don’t you buy bread from the road side vendors??? Thanks for your contribution… Do have a happy sunday.

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