MARILYN ANONA writes: Personally, I think promiscuity is an individual thing even though I know that Certain factors can influence or change people.

marilyn anona
marilyn anona
I keep wondering why female bank workers are perceived as very promiscuous and of easy virtue. My experience while I was working with a financial institution here in Abuja opened my eyes to a lot of things. When you go about your job, putting in all the professionalism you can. All the prospective clients (especially the men) see is a beautiful girl who he wants to woo and jump into bed with. Some of them go about this wooing in such a crude manner. And most times, I ended up depressed. One day, I put up a friend’s picture as my display picture on my blackberry messenger. A friend picked interest and asked who she is. I told him and the minute I mentioned she works with Diamond bank, he exclaimed “Ah, I am not interested!!! I was curious so I asked why he lost interest all of a sudden and he said ladies who work in banks are indirect prostitutes, sleeping around with every man all because of bank deposits. How sad! I mean, what a way to generalize and consider any woman who works with the bank as promiscuous… But then, I remembered a certain sex tape that was released last year. A certain woman, a top placed female bank worker having sexual intercourse with her junior staff in the office and I get asking for the reason behind such act. Personally, I think promiscuity is an individual thing even though I know that certain factors can influence or change people. But when you know who you are and values you live for or by, you won’t be tossed up and down. I have heard different stories about the high level of promiscuity in different industries and sectors. I have heard a lot about nurses and their sexcapades with their patients. I have heard a lot about actors sleeping around. I have also heard a lot about politicians and it goes on and on and on. Different stories from different industries. So my question today is, which industry has the highest level of promiscuity or sex scandals? Is it the banking industry? Is it the movie industry? Are the nurses more guilty? What of the politicians? I have read stories about our teachers too. So are teachers also guilty? What of the churches? What of the media sector? I need your opinions on this and I also want to hear from you the reason or reasons for promiscuity. Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!! Written by: Marilyn Anona.



    • Thanks very much Charles for your Opinion. I know promiscuity is everywhere. I know Nollywood is so guilty of it too but I also know that we tend to know more about their own cases because they are always in the news. Thanks a lot dear for your candid opinion. Have a blessed day.

  1. Promiscuity is a thing of d mind.Is an Individual thing.A well behave lady won’t Indulge her self in such thing even if she works in a Hotel.

  2. I believe promiscuity is an individual problem,not all bankers are promiscuous,same with nurses,lawyers,and actors.I know of a virtuous lady that went out with a friend who promised to sponsor her on her new show biz project but she bluntly turned this rich old man down because he asked her for just a kiss!Am so proud of that woman.Some women will give the old man a kiss and a B.J just to get what the want.Yes its also about someone knowing his/her values.The problem with People this days is that they don’t know their self worth and value.That’s why u see some ladies sleeping with lecturers to get good grades in university,young/male female lawyers sleeping with Judges and Magistrates just to get the favour on thr side.Yes our system is corrupt but we all can make a difference.That same lady who refused to give that foolish old man a kiss,also boldly walked away from her Job because of sexual harassment from her boss.She could have said ‘WTF’ and sleep around with her boss but she boldly quit her Job,she could even change her mind but she maintained her stand and that is what I call integrity!It’s all about choice.You decide what u want.When I was in University a lecturer asked me to link him up with a friend of mine who happens to be my best friend sister.I politely refused to adhere to his needs.He started threatening me,even seized one of my result!Ugonna didn’t know what I was going thru till the day I out of frustration and anger threatened to destroy him(My lecturer).Few days latter my missing result kinda reappeared.I could have succumb to his threats and link Mr.Chibo up with my best friend sis(Ugonna)but I fought back!It’s all about choice.I think Promiscuity is high everywhere even in the Church!yea!In the house of God!Lately I heard that our Church Choir leaders have been screwing thr members.It’s just everywhere but we all can make a choice to stay away from such evil acts and fight back!It’s our call.Nice one Ms.Posh,guess u know the lady of integrity I was talking about earlier?*wink*Am always proud of her.

  3. Obviously every sector in nigeria is corrupt but I can really get d exact figure to know d sector wit d highest numbers of promiscuity. I think d movie industry is d most affected, nice job posh.

  4. Lyk u said, it’s a personal thing …. the industry one is in shouldn’t be an excuse to be promiscuous! That being said, it’s probably more rampant in the banking industry due to the pressure to meet marketing targets. And the level of unemployment in the country could push ladies to do anything in a bid to survive.
    Nice subject, keep it up.

  5. hmmm…promiscuity is an individual thing but sometimes, factors and situations push us into compromising our moral stand and beliefs. well, the industry that has the greatest level of promiscuity is the movie industry because these upcoming actors and actresses have to work their way into getting roles and by this, i mean being promiscuous..they call it ‘paying my dues’…lol
    In the health care industry, it isn’t rampant because it is against the policy for a nurse to engage in sexual activities with her patient…
    Politicians tend to be promiscuous too. That is the order of the day. They prey on girls in the universities who want the good things of life. they also prey on people who need one favor or the other from them..example employment
    Nowadays, Nigerian bankers have gone hay-wire. they have become professional female and male prostitutes all in the name of getting ‘accounts’ and keeping their jobs.
    it is sad that there is a high degree of moral decadence in our society. My humble advice is for us to live right. Live as though today is your last with full awareness that you will give account of the life you have lived on earth.

    • Thanks very much Nnenna for your wonderful contribution and for breaking down too. “Laughs out loud” yes! That’s what they call it. One director was telling me that no matter how talented I am, I have to pay my dues, otherwise I should go produce my own movies… Promiscuity is actually a thing of the mind like I earlier mentioned. And if a certain industry has the highest number of promiscuous people, it is not the industry’s fault but the nature of the people working in the industry. For those who claim its target that make them sleep around, what of the case of a married woman sleeping with her colleague who is not even her superior? That’s not a case of target. Thanks once more Nnenna. Have a peaceful night.

      • I’m disappointed in myself, why haven’t I still had sex with a banker, well promiscuousity is everywhere, I even think it’s more where people least expect i.e. churches and the likes, and I don’t think anyone can get reliable stats on where it’s highest

  6. Very catchy topic I must say Marilyn,Let me start by saying promiscuity prevails in all works of life,The church,Work places,name it,so I just want to look at it from a different angle with emphasis on work places(Banks,Entertainment industries,hospitals,Hotels e.t.c)In my opinion a lady uses it as a tool to get ahead or find favors in the work place,secondly,you have the avoidant lady who for fear of being labelled “promiscious”becomes a social loner,neither approaches are healthy but it is seen far too often..My point really is that,it takes place in every aspects of our lives,I really don’t want to be caught up in the whole survey of,which industry practice it more..It’s in and around us,so my advice is the only way to avoid the repuatation of being promiscious is simply not to be..For what it’s worth Marilyn,lovely topic,that’s just my opinion,what do I know?Enjoy the rest of your evening and God bless.

    • Thanks very much Samuel for your nice and diplomatic contribution. You are very correct. Its not easy to actually say which industry has the highest number of promiscuous people. Thanks once more and please keep visiting #poshmarilynblog. Have a peaceful night.

  7. Most people would say it is the media/entertainment industry, maybe because it is always on the spotlight etc etc, but like you said it is a personal and individualistic thing, the fact that the industry you find your self is perceived in a particular light, doesn’t you one, you can still be the difference inspite and despite, a scandal is more or less an action or event regarded as morally or legally wrong and causing general public outrage. now how many sectors have spelled out moral/legal codes first of all for there to be a basis for an action to be termed morally or legally wrong? most organisation put ladies under uneccessary pressure and in the fore front based on the perception that a woman’s involvement triggers more appeal for patronage etc etc, no realizing that this ladies have a reputation and life to preserve. any young lady seen in the company of a prospective client is quickly summarized as being debauched, this shouldn’t be the case, and for most ladies selling out or pretending to blend in just to get ‘the market’ isn’t the only available approach to actualizing organizational goals, anybody who demands your “body” on the alter of patronage will expect your continual compliance to maintain their customer loyalty, think ahead of time. Imagine a situation where the man you’ve sold your body to for patronage is the father to man after your heart?

  8. This is a very good post PoshMarilyn and a very important topic as well. Promiscuity has always been a part of society from time immemorial. It is happening in every facet of human endeavor and it will be a tough ask to determine which industry has it the highest. However, the underlying reason for promiscuity in my opinion can be linked to poverty in the case of the have-nots and greed in the case of those that are well-off. But in any case ,a person with good morals and very good core values will often times not be caught up in this web of promiscuity.

    • Thanks very much Ugochukwu. Yes promiscuity is a personal thing. Most times its even an inherited trait. It takes knowing one’s worth to live above such. Thanks for your nice contribution. Do have a blessed day.

  9. Noone can tell which industry has the highest level of promiscuity, cause they all are all into it but I feel the movie industry has the highest cause some of them usually have sex in movies(ghanian movies) and you would think mayb they are not cause they are surrounded by cameras, but believe me I have checked many websites for what they do behind cameras and its real sex, the last one I watched was jim iyks’s own, with his black ass. Lol. Anyways! And I don’t see anything wrong in it so far they are doing it just to survive. Thanks you

  10. I dnt really tink a particular sector will b rated d highest cos its everywhere bt its all abt self discipline,no matter wat d factor is wen u r determined nothing will make u go bk,nd lik u rightly said its an individual tin

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