MARILYN ANONA writes Mediocres in NOLLYWOOD dominate,we still have some good movies.

NOLLYWOOD which has celebrated about 20 years of its recognized existence, not only has thousands of movies to its credit, but has also been serving as one of the major employers of labour in Nigeria and an actual foundation for the finding and cultivation of talents in the Nigerian entertainment industry. NOLLYWOOD, is supposed to symbolize the rich cultural, artistic and ethical heritage of Nigeria,and indeed, Africa known to attach so much value to moral decency, awareness and integrity.
NOLLYWOOD is supposed to be the pride of Nigeria and Africa and a medium through which the country’s image is better designed and portrayed as a place with people of peace, love, unity, honesty and as a matter of fact, a place where morality reigns while obscenity is highly despised. But what seems to have become of Nollywood in recent times, truly leaves much to be desired in this regard.
Right now, NOLLYWOOD is a place where nudity and all manners of vices trend without a moral lesson at the end of the movie. The Censors Board and other regulatory bodies in the industry have to live up to expectations. They have to sit up and help reclaim our moral values from total collapse.
They say NOLLYWOOD is the third largest movie industry in the world. Yes! It may even be the largest, but what about the quality of the industry in terms of the movies produced and the actors? Acting should be a PRESTIGIOUS and CLASSY occupation but the reverse is the case in NOLLYWOOD, where the industry is considered to be for the empty skulls, mediocres and people lacking principles and values. NOLLYWOOD is now seen as a dumping ground for people who have spent years in various night clubs and hotels and finally decide to retire. It has become so bad such that when you see an irresponsible person, people will start suggesting he or she enters into nollywood. Its very painful. Acting and everything that work together to bring out a movie is and should be for the creative and very intelligent people.
Acting is a profession and a noble one at that. But the QUESTION is: does NOLLYWOOD depict creativity? When are we going to be able to make a movie that will be world standard? We can achieve it if we will stop cutting corners, trying at all costs to cut costs, thinking just about maximizing profit without thinking about quality. Doing the same story over and over again but with different titles. Making six movies in six days. Directors doing their jobs professionally and not seeing roles as a bait to lure girls to warm their beds. The problem starts from the story then to the audition where most directors give roles to people based on sentiments. You see some directors who give roles to ladies just because they have warmed his bed. He doesn’t care if they can interpret the roles. He doesn’t care if they really represent the role they are to play.
When will NOLLYWOOD get better? Everyone is a director, producer and script writer. Is this supposed to be so? I was discussing this with someone and I got a shocking revelation. He said in NOLLYWOOD most movies are half baked because people now sort of get promoted. He said a location manager can be promoted to a director without adequate training. Once you know the executive producer, you can become his director. That’s really pathetic! When are going to start using good cameras for our movies? A good camera does a lot. Even when the story is poor, we can just enjoy the clarity of the film. Please NOLLYWOOD should start using good cameras. Apart from using good cameras, the people who shoot these movies should be adequately trained on camera movement. And there should be proper editing too. I was watching one of the poorest movie NOLLYWOOD ever produced “ASO EBI GIRLS/ BRIDE PRICE” a lady sat down and her panties was showing.
When are we going to start getting the “make up” right? Imagine a 2013 movie I was watching last Saturday titled “THE GENERALS”, the camera was not just poor, the story was so shallow, then when someone was shot dead, the blood from her body was pure tomato paste. I mean we should be able to do better at this stage. When are we going to have a NOLLYWOOD that we can boast of? When are we going to realize that acting is serious business and for the intelligent and creative people not for every Tom, Dick and Harry. Even though the mediocres in NOLLYWOOD dominate,we still have some good movies. I was very impressed the day I watched “THE LAST FLIGHT TO ABUJA” it is a very good movie. Some other movies like “MR AND MRS”, “TANGO WITH ME”, “GIRLS’ COT, season2” and soon to be released “THE PATIENT”. I saw the trailer of this movie “THE PATIENT” and sincerely, i can’t wait for it to be released. “LEKKI WIVES” is also one soap opera I watched and I was greatly impressed. Some of those movies i mentioned are cinema standard, but most people wont want to go to the cinema to watch a Nollywood movie. They are scared it may not be worth the money and time and this has got to stop. NOLLYWOOD may be filled with mediocres and very untalented people who feel that all there is to acting is being unnecessarily controversial, nudity, bleaching, acquiring multiple tattoos and body piercing but there are still many actors in Nollywood that we are proud of. Actors like, Genevieve Nnaji, Ramsey Noah, Pete Edochie, Olu Jacobs, Mercy Johnson, Nkem Owoh, Ngozi Ezeonu, Rita Dominic, Nse Ikpe, Ini Edo, Desmond Elliot, Jim Iyke, Uche Odoputa, Omotola Jalade, Bimbo Akintola, Chioma Chukwuka, Adaora Ukoh, Funke Akindele, Muna Obiekwe, Stephanie Okereke, Bob Manuel Udokwu, Ifunanya Igwe, Eucharia Anunobi, Kate Henshaw, Jide Kosoko etc. Producers, Directors and the censors board, please come together and make NOLLYWOOD better. We love Nollywood but we want standard movies. Dear readers, i would love you to share your opinions and thoughts. Be Inspired! Be Enlightened!! Be Motivated!!!
By Marilyn Anona. @poshmarilyn



  1. Good soup na money make am!U have to spend lots of money to produce a movie.I believe the movie ‘Last flight to Abuja’cost a lot to produce and believe me the gross profit will be much more than the normal local naija movie.Ms.Posh u are right,the problem is that most of this nollywood producers don’t think big.Imagine using a poor camera to produce a movie!Smh.Movie business is a gud business and much more interesting if professionals are allowed to do thr Job.We still need people like Chico Ejioro and his brothers to produce more high quality movies for nollywood,I wonder where they are now.O.J productions were gud in the ’90s.We got good script writers but poor producers and directors.Nice one loving it.

    • Yes you are very correct Macoy. Some ofthe script writers are not even good,that’s why our movies lack good dialogue. But I know there will be improvement only if we want it. Thanks for your contribution dear.

  2. Nollywood need an overhall rehab….and the mentality of some directors and producers are lame….its all geared 2wads the cash brought in and not the lessons passed out

  3. I just finished watching the making of “Last flight to Abuja”.Check out in ‘last flight to abuja’ the producer outsourced thesame camera man that filmed the Hollywood block buster movie “Avengers”.Check out the picture/production the the movie “last flight to Abuja”.Good movies are made when we allow professionals do thr Job.

    • Hehe! Macoy, most of them don’t even watch movies let alone knowing how to go about the job. Some who watch just lift the same story and mess it up. Drama is the easiest to do, yet we can’t do it well. Poor dialogue and all. Poor English. Imagine! If the Director cannot speak good English how can he or she correct an actor who makes a grammatical mistake. Its tiring. Like I said earlier, NOLLYWOOD should not be a dumping ground. We need quality.

  4. If U̶̲̥̅̊ want ² watch α naija movie, save ♈ōϋя sef †нε anguish σƒ watching crap @ home απϑ just go ² †нε cinema. There is α world σƒ difference btw dos movies @ †нε cinema απϑ †нε loads σƒ crap on †нε street. Thumbs up ² †нε likes σƒ Nse Ekpe, Stephaine Okereke, Desmond Elliot, Omotola, Geneieve , etc who made мє believe der was redemption ƒσя nollywood.

    • Yes Ikenga, most of the movies just depress you. Recently,the movie titles are oke goes to school, Ada goes to school, Pussu goes to school. The good ones are overshadowed by the mediocres.but soon the reverse will be the case. Thanks for your contribution.

    • Thanks very much Samson. Nollywood has a long way to go and its sad because we ought to be doing better. There are lots of very talented and creative folks who can work to make Nollywood better. I can’t remember buying a copy of a nollywood clip because to me its sheer waste of money and my precious time. The essense of watching movies just like reading books is to get enlightented, inspired or motivated but Nollywood will end up depressing you. We need to step up. Abuja chapter of Nollywood is trying to make a difference. Thanks once more for a good contribution.

  5. Great, true n brilliant article. N dats my major reason for not patronizing nollywood movies. If only they cud also read that n make a change.

    • Thanks Much Effiong! A lot has to change in Nollywood. If not we ll remain at the same spot.the kids cannot learn to speak good English from our movies, they can’t learn to dress properly. They can’t learn to be modest. They only learn to bleach and draw tattoos. Because it seems those are the selling point. But there are still few who are doing ok.

  6. Nollywood av come a long way but their problems are sterotypes movies and lack of creativity but ofrecent the trend av changed cause of the young producers and directors who av come it the game.20years kindof something to celebrate afterall am nigerian

  7. Yes Nollywood is a very very gud sector in d nigerian entertainment sector which is supose serve as a medium or yardstick 4 extra trainin inhibitin in us d good nd moral culture of our dear nation showing us d right 4rm our wrongs….. Buh d industry 2day is only potraying every indecent, inhuman nd immoral lessons nd story which currupts our mind to thinking negative rather than positive

    • Thanks Idoko Emmanuel. That’s just the issue. Ladies dressed half nude, smoking cigarettes and all of that. The youths copy and take it as a way of life. I pray to GOD to help those ones who are trying to stand out to actually make a difference. Thanks Once more dear.

  8. Well said my dear, am an actor too, but some times i wonder and feel so depressed and sorry for nollywood for the kind of movies they produce, I must categorically state it here that these issue of NOLLLYWOOD low standard movies sits in the hands of these so called overrated alaba producers and maketers whose permanent and selfish interest is to make QUICK MONEY, not minding the kind of contents they dish out to lovers of nollywood movies, its a pity. My advice to Censors Board and other nollywood regulatory bodies, is to ban alaba film producers and marketers form operating, and also enact a new law that accept only standard cinema movies that promotes cultural values, moral lesson, etc. With these, you will see same alaba films moguls Queuing to produce standard cinema movies because they still wana remain in business. Kudos to Royal Arts academy, the producer of “last flight to abuja” Obi emelonye. The producer of “The Patient” which am proud to be part of, Pace production. You guys are doing a great job when it comes to cinema movies. Long live NOLLYWOOD. Lordshaun

    • Well said Lordshaun, these alaba marketers actually helped to destroy nollywood and like you rightly said, the regulatory bodies should seek ways to control the way movies are made. Thanks so much for your contribution. I have seen some of your jobs and I know you are not just talented but very passionate about what you do. God bless you.

  9. Nice article,real nice one Ms. Posh,my awe-inspiring masterpiece,daunting and impressive,breathtaking,amazing,stunningly imposing writer,all in one,embedded in one gorgeous lady at the same time,you’re so blessed,i see the true definition of the “strength of a woman” in you,never stop loving or caring for what is right,never give up on what’s important to you & the populace at large…so my advice to Nollywood,is that they should know that whatever you can start you can finish,so Nollywood,believe in yourself,because whatever is worth doing is worth doing well,…nollywood,you’re all we have got,we have got no other,you can partner with bank,they are willing & ready to invest,so you can spend good money like they did in “FIGURINE” and you’ll get good movies out there and good profit to show for it at the end of the day,i know my people they will buy anything that’s made in Nigeria,think about it,if they could buy all this your junks you call movie during this years,patiently waiting for you to improve in productions,why won’t they buy your best of hard works….sincerely…i don’t mean no disrespect,i’m only saying this because its only the one wearing the shoes,that knows where it hurts,we are the ones watching the movies,so we know how it it…Its time to improve NOLLYWOOD….thus,as they say if you don’t spend much time in the woods,you will end up getting lost in the woods…so nollywood spend more time patiently & spend good money,do research before you produce sensitive movies,so you can know the right terms to use,because there are different terms in different fields like maybe in medical,security,political or religious movies,so you can achieve a perfect job for all kinds of movies,in fact there should be some kind of law guiding productions of movies by nollywood itself financing the movies from their financial base,after scrutinizing and selecting the best script to produce with lots of sense,& even by this way we can help in monitoring & scraping the junk movies produced by this get money quick producers & director or NOLLYWOOD should just get lost in the woods!!!!!

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