Marilyn Anona talks Relationship: I think these rift and misunderstanding exist because human beings disagree over the most flimsy of things.

I don’t know what you think it is, but I think the hardest thing for human beings to handle in life is relationship. Some of you already narrowed it down to just a love affair between a man and woman. No, you are wrong! By relationship I mean how human beings relate with one another which includes relationship between parents and their kids, wives and husbands, teachers and their students, the priest and his congregation etc. Parents give birth to kids and sometimes end up falling out with them to the extent that some of them disown their kids not minding the bond by blood. Siblings born by same parents, who ate from the same plates, slept on the bed, prayed together grow up and suddenly become arch enemies, to the point that a brother would kill his brother. A couple (a husband and wife) who exchanged marital vows on the alter in church (for better or for worse), have kids together, profess love to one another and all of a sudden feel that divorce is the best. What of that boss at the office who is so hard to please that the thought of going to work every morning sends shivers down your spine? Nope! I am not done, what of that neighbour that hates you for no just cause. The list is endless! I can go on and on. Why is relationship between human beings so difficult to handle? What are the causes of rift or misunderstanding between human beings? Why do people who were once in love or who think they love each other suddenly hate themselves to the extent that if they are given the chance would want to harm themselves. What causes hatred and unnecessary misunderstanding between siblings that should be bound in unity forever? I think these rift and misunderstanding exist because human beings disagree over the most flimsy of things, human beings are greedy, human beings like to take advantage of other human beings as soon as they are given the smallest sniff of power, human beings have vices, human beings are selfish, human beings are naturally tribal species, human beings will defend their territory and their beliefs, human beings also invent systems of control that do not exist in nature such as taxes, laws, limits on freedom etc.
But instead of creating conflicts and misery,why can’t we all help each other and give everyone the basics which include good health care,food,accommodation and education. Why can’t we complement each other? Why can’t we be happy for others when they progress? Why can’t we overlook flaws? Why can’t we be fair to one another?

I have written based on my opinion. I want your own views on this. Why is relationship between human beings so difficult to handle and how can human beings maintain healthy relationships amongst themselves. Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!



  1. I think its just the fact that they don’t understand the meanin of love and misplace it for other “feelings”, also its the different conditions of human life, someone could be bitter because of wat someone else did to them and unfortunately hate or have a ad relationship with an innocent person because the person could b related to the “hurtee”, looks like the “hurtee” or for no good reason

  2. Its simple as humans we αrε insatiable. We as individuals нανє ² practise tolerance becus its †нε only way ² cohabitate wit one anoda απϑ live in peace.

  3. Humanbeings are the most difficult species to handle,you give someone a yard,he or she wants to go for miles,pretenders,backstabbers,jealousy even envy etc.all these affect relationships,all we need is patience,tolerance to keep the human race going# @ poshmarilyn bravo.

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